Friday, October 15, 2010

Weigh in and BYOC

Weigh in
This morning I weighed 206.6.  A loss of 2.8 for the week and 28.4 in total.  I'm not exactly sure why, but I was beyond thrilled with the 206.6.  It was more than I expected given my less than stellar eating choices last weekend - they weren't flat out awful, just not all that great.  But, Monday through Thursday I was spot on.  I had 4 good days on the treadmill.  I ate all my protein and drank all my water so I was really happy to see that I had a good solid loss.

On to this week’s BYOC – Bring Your Own Crazy – where we answer 5 little questions to get to know each other better. Copy to your blog and enjoy!

1. Tell me about someone you envy.

Envy is a pretty powerful word.  Everyday I feel very blessed to have the life I have.  I have good friends, phenomenal children, a good brain, a good job, food on the table, laughter in my life - it's a pretty good deal.  Are there things that others have that I wish I did?  Sure, but overall, I think I'm doing pretty darn well and truly don't envy anyone.

2. What makes you angry?
  • When people say one thing and do another
  • The fact that every time I hit enter in this post it throws me to the very bottom of the page
  • Lying
  • When people act as if they are listening only to discover they weren't at all
  • When people tell you something as if they know it's a fact when really they are just guessing
  • injustice
3. In an effort to help so many that seem to be blue and sad….what do you do when you feel very sad or depressed?
I hibernate for a bit and then I attempt to do something about it.  
  • Exercise is always a good one, though so hard to get started when you feel down.  
  • Find something that I know will make me laugh; a movie or TV show
  • Find a friend to go out with, even if I am not ready to vent about anything.
  • IM my friend Camille - I'll always vent to her and that's always a good thing
4. If you were stranded on a lonely beach, what five things would you want with you to survive (not people)?
  • A sailboat (I don't believe in absolutes like being "stranded")
  • Food
  • Water
  • A solar powered GPS
  • A Satellite phone
5. Repeat question: Summarize your week in real life and blogland.

In life it's been pretty good.  I'm feeling more hopeful about my husband, though not for any concrete reason - maybe we've given each other enough space that we can start to see each other??  Whatever, I'll take it.  Our basement is coming along and that's so, so fun!  Between the two main rooms down there I was having a barn door built to separate them.  It will slide on a cool rail system to reveal a 6' opening between the rooms that can be left opened if we're having a party.  The door got built today and it's absolutely, exactly what I wanted and I'm so thrilled.  (and speaking of parties we have our annual Christmas Party the first Saturday in December - any and all BOOBs are welcome!  We're in MD and believe strongly in the more the merrier.  Maybe I'll find time to meet Linda and Bonnie before then since they are both so close to me - we'll see)

In blogland - It's been hard to see so many of you struggling right now, but it seems to me there are some signs of a turn around and I'm flat out thrilled for that. It's been interesting reading all of the thoughts about kids and fat.  I'll be adding my own thoughts maybe tomorrow; it's such a really tough topic and all the thoughtful posts about it have really made me think about some things.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


kagead said...

Love your BYOC and thanks for the comment on my blog. It looks like our starting stats were pretty close so I'll be, following you closely!

Off to read more about YOU!

Gen said...

Hi Read, I really look forward to hearing your kids post. Its been over a year of blogging for me and I have not gotten up the courage to do my own post about my daughter....soon!

Thanks for your sweet comments, as always.

Dinnerland said...

Good to see you doing so well!

Linda said...

Thanks for the great comment yesterday. I would love to meet up some Saturday - I'll email you to work it out (is your address on your Blog?). The funny thing was I was at the Target at Long Gate Center when I got your comment - yes we go to that playground a lot.
We definitely should try to set up a dinner or something with Bonnie before the holiday craziness sets in - she's great.

Lap Band Gal said...

Awesome loss! So jealous!