Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I need help with my upcoming Dr.’s appointment

I’ve discussed this once before, but it’s almost here and I want to throw it out there again and see what you guys think.

These are the facts as I know them.

-          My doctor has said that this is about weight loss and losing 1lb per week proves to him that the band is working perfectly.
-          Since I had my last fill, I have been losing more than 2lbs per week.
-          I am eating exactly what I’m supposed to be eating
-          I am stomach growling hungry between every meal.
-          I’m on a restrictive diet and happen to be in the right head space for that to be working great for me at the moment.
-          I know that ‘good headspace’ will eventually leave me and I’ll be left with being hungry all the time.
-          I have an appointment with my doctor on Thursday.
-          After 4oz of chicken salad my stomach is growling in about 2 hours.
-          I believe I need a fill. 
-          I’m afraid he’ll see my weight loss and not give me one.
-          I’m afraid I’ll lose this good head space and have this whole negative thing going on for a while that will be totally unnecessary.
-          I bought ankle weights – 2 of them, each one is 5 lbs.
-          If I wear one to my appointment I’ll have lost an average of just under 1.5lbs per week.
-          If I wear both I’ll have lost just under ¾ lb per week.
-          I am a serious rule followerer and even contemplating this is making me a little oogy.

As I see it, I have three choices at my appointment on Thursday.
1)     Go in as I am with the 2+lb per week weight loss and have a rational conversation with him where I point out that I’m on a diet and it’s working, but if that worked long term for me I wouldn’t have gotten the band and that I’m definitely not in the green zone as I’m hungry all the time and hope he’s a rational man who listens to his patients (this is not something he’s given me any reason to believe as yet).  And see what happens.
2)     I can wear one of the weights and have that same rational conversation with a smaller per-week loss and hope for the best.
3)     I can wear both weights and say – wow, I’m so hungry, I can’t seem to manage to only eat three meals a day, though I’m really trying.  I’m just weak and was hopeful the band would keep the hunger at bay for a little longer

I was leaning towards choice two as I truly don’t like the idea of lying to someone who’s supposed to be my medical advocate and I thought #2 was a good compromise place to be – where I could still have the same honest convo, but with the numbers a little easier for him to digest.  But my friend pointed out that that’s still a risky move based on things my doctor has said in the past.  And he still may be very happy with my more than 1lb/week loss and not be willing to give me a fill.

Any thoughts on this?  Ethical, medical, band-ical, my body-ical????


Fluffy said...

Read - I'd be honest, but when I say honest I mean about all of it - your fear about not getting a fill, hunger, etc. - heck, you could consider even mentioning about the weights! Losing 2 lbs a week is phenomenal. Maybe you can come up with a compromise with your doctor? Maybe with your rate of loss a small snack is allowed and if your weight loss stalls, then the doc would be on board with a fill sooner than scheduled? Whatever you decide, you're doing awesome and no judgment here - simply "food for thought"!

amandakiska said...

Be very clear that a cup of food only keeps you full for 2 hours. Say it 10 times if you have to. Tell him you believe you need a fill. As I understand it, most people define "green zone" as being able to eat a cup of food and be full for 3-4 hours. Clearly you are not there.

I think the lb. a week number is an average and early on the expectation is that you will lose more quickly.

Tina said...

Be honest because if he catches you you will in the long run never have his trust again.

I have had great luck in arguing for fills when I think I need them and did so in just the ways you argued here-In fact perhaps printing this out will help you not forget to say anything?

Good luck!!

FitBy40 said...

When the nurse at my docs office asked if I thought I needed a fill my answer was "Well, if you asked me 3 days ago I'd say no, but recently I've been really hungry". That's all it took, I got a fill. You can say you WERE doing great but are now feeling hunger quite often during the day and it's time to fill 'er up!