Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I wish Wednesday - a first for me :)

Another wonderful bloggerworld thingy. I’m in a mood today so I think I’ll just stick mostly to a quick list without any explanation.

• I wish I knew what to do about my relationship with my husband.

• I wish I knew how to get through to my burgeoning teenager better.

• I wish Bandit didn’t bark so damn much – he’d be such a lovely dog without that little quality.

• I wish I hadn’t told my sister about my band – then I wouldn’t have to endure the “So, is it working yet?” and the long yet furtive head to toe looks she gives me whenever we’re together.

• I wish I was further along in this weight loss process.

• I wish I wasn’t quite so scared I’ll fail.

• I wish all those suffering with serious medical issues (specifically Jill and Gabby) would miraculously be completely well sometime in the next 15 minutes.

• I wish I was in a more grateful mood today.


Bonnie said...

A lot of good wishes. I'm so tired of the "How are you feeling?" 3 months after surgery. Geez. Do I look like I'm having issues? And can't you tell I've lost 30 lbs? Obviously not or you wouldn't ask how I was feeling. Oops, sorry I made your post about me. It just hit a nerve when you wrote about your sister. I think she's got a lot of nerve asking that.

Drazil said...

Good list...all very good wishes...and I hope they come true. I hope you find peace about your husband and your sister soon...and in the meantime we are here for you.

Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

Well, maybe I can help with the barking dog. We have a Yorkie poo who is named Jane Ass (family joke), but recently has been called "stupid dummy barker". I went to a pet shop in town and there is a product that will spray citronella in the dogs nose when they bark. It causes no harm to them and it works like a charm! it has never been so quiet in our house! The company is called Innotek and it is called The Anti-Bark Spray Collar. Good luck!