Saturday, October 30, 2010

A little oogie and a little NSV

On Friday night Teddy had a soccer game and my sister and her family came out to watch as well as my mom and step dad.   My mom and step dad come to at least one game per grandchild per sport season and they have 7 grand kids most of whom are active so that's a lot of running around, but it was the first time my sister has ever come to see one of the boys play.  There are a variety of cynical reasons running around in my brain, but I'm trying really hard to just be grateful that she came as Teddy absolutely LOVED that his whole family was on the sidelines cheering him on and it's always delightful to see my nieces.

But for the oogieness.... Jackson and I walked up to a spot where Lara (sister) and family could see us so we could direct them to the correct field and as Lara got up to me she was totally giving me the long hairy eyeball.  A long slow sweep from toe to neck - totally checking to see if I look like I've lost any weight.  I completely felt like a piece of meat - much like a virgin in a biker bar (shudder).  Once she got her eye full she gave herself a quick nod and then started walking towards the field and started in on some innocuous small talk.  "so, what's up? how're they doing?"  She didn't say a word to me about whatever she saw and that was the end.  It totally made me feel all icky, clearly I still regret having told her about the band.

Today at Jackson's flag football game Teddy brought a soccer ball and asked me to kick it around with him which I did.  There wasn't anything particularly strenuous about what we were doing, just kicking a ball back and forth - or trying to kick it over the other one's head, but....  6 months ago, hell 4 months ago, I wouldn't have done that.  Or maybe I would have, but only for a couple of minutes.  Whereas today, I just had fun with my 12 year old son, kicking the ball, running to retrieve it, blocking his harder ones, etc.  I was up and playing during the entire game.  We stopped when Jackson was in the game; offense or defense, and the play was going on, but beyond that we played.  And while I was out there, I knew that it was because I'd gotten the band that I was up playing with my kid and that was a beautiful thing!!!


Drazil said...

UGH - WHY are sisters so competitive??? I hear ya. Shake it off sweetie - you're gonna get there - with or without her ogling eyes and lack of support.

Rachel said...

I understand your oogie feelings...I'm sorry that happened. But I'm very happy about your NSV. Being athletic with your kids is a great great thing.

Tina said...

Oh she totally noticed you have lost weight!!!!

congrats on the added energy you have found to kick the ball around with your son (I am sure your sister noticed that as well!)...evil competitive grin for you.

I am competitive with my sister sometimes too...and I can just smile a secret smile when nothing is said. If she had said something it would have been guess is since she said nothing she noticed. DO you think it is the same with your sister?


~Lisa~ (Mrs C) said...

Congrats to you on the terrific NSV!! Having that extra energy to spend that time with your children makes it all worthwhile! Way to GO!

Sandy Lee said...

I have a sister who has done that to me all her life. She's the only sibling who I haven't told about the band. The other three know.

I didn't want that hair eyeball up and down glaring. Sucks. But you will show her-you will be successful in beating this weight demon. Then the middle finger can come out!

Bonnie said...

I'm so glad I have brothers, but I am so hoping that my 2 girls will be friends. They are 11 and 14 - so far so good, but I know once they get square in their teens things could go downhill. Keeping my fingers crossed. That's great you could kick the soccer ball around with your son. Besides looking hot, that's what losing weight is all about. :)