Friday, October 1, 2010

Weigh in and thoughts on my week...

I weighed in today exactly what I weighed in at last week; 212.2.

After last week where I did everything right and the scale just didn't want to really move I wanted to "shock" my metabolism a bit so I intentially ate some (okay a bunch of) junk on Friday. My flat out weakness is Hershey's extra creamy milk chocolate with toffee and almond nuggets. Every once in a while they find their way into a bowl on a counter near my office - it's a weakness the entire office shares. They were there all week long and I didn't have any until Friday which had been my plan all week long. And have some I totally did. And then some more... you see how it went.

But that said - it actually felt fine about it as I had totally planned it that way. I felt in control. I felt good for not having any all week long and didn't get down on myself for eating them on Friday. I wasn't as... strict over the weekend as I had been and definitely ate some things I'd prefer not to eat in general and then went out to a good old Baltimore staple on Tuesday night that I had somehow managed to miss in all my years in the area, Obrykies Crab House and we totally pigged out on muscles in a garlic sauce and crab dip and cream of crab soup and crabs.

I'm glad I went as I've been sending people there for years - it's known far and wide and has been in buisness since 1944 - but... well I think my friend put it best when she called it O-bleh-kies. I felt so full of salt when I left it was amazing. I definitely ate too much and didn't have even the tiniest bit of trouble eating it all and I was full and seriously bloated by the time I left. I put myself on 2 days of liquids after that to detoxify my body and ended up back where I started again.

We'll see how this week goes, but I definitely think I'm going to make an appointment with my doctor though I suspect he won't want to give me a fill because I think he likes telling us all we don't know what's going on with our bodies. Did I mention I don't love him.

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Drazil said...

Here's hoping you have a good week...those Hersheys are so hard to resist.