Monday, October 18, 2010

OMG Holy Freaking 47 days

This is nothing but a freak out.

There are 47 days until our annual Christmas party.  I love Christmas at our house - I love my house decorated for Christmas - I go a little bit crazy - maybe.  I think there were 7 trees last year.  Three full sized ones inside along with assorted smaller ones.. and really that's just the beginning.  There are lights around all of the windows and we have a shit load of windows.  Okay it's only the windows in the front - so it's only half a load.  The garage doors, the outside blue spruce I bought because it grows slowly and can be covered in lights all throughout my kids' childhoods - thought at about 10' it's getting pretty hard to do.  I could go on and on - but you get the idea.  I may have a little disease.  But then, the first Saturday in December we have a big party - the more the merrier - lots of fun is had by all and the house looks great, if I do say so myself.  

This is all well and good and we've learned to start decorating early so as to stave off divorce (which until recently was a complete joke... and hopefully will be again).  So we have traditionally glossed over Halloween which is really my favorite holiday and started full boar on Xmas on November 1 so that we have a month to get ready; culminating in getting our 1 real tree on the Friday after Thanksgiving so we have the weekend to decorate it and then only 1 more week till the party.

WELL.... OMG.  What the hell are we thinking this year?  In the next 47 days.  We have to have Halloween, which means finding costumes and doing some form of decorating and doing the candy thing and whatnot.  And decorate the house for Xmas.  This wouldn't be any different than any other year except... we are having our basement finished right now.  They are mudding and taping the drywall this week, painting maybe starting Thursday - we're getting there - but my entire foyer is covered in ONE MILLION boxes.  It's a stack of boxes probably 6' x 10' x 6'.  Did I mention my husband collects comic books.  We had a special closet room built in the basement for them.  So in the next 47 days, we've got to finish the basement, get the shelves built in the comic room, move all those freakin' boxes down there, move a bunch of furniture that goes down there - to down there - get the Foosball and air hockey tables down there and whatever else goes into getting the crap into the basement that belongs in the basement.

And then decorate the house that is a major dusty mess because of the basement work.  OH and did I mention that we're going to Disney for Thanksgiving.  (Okay lest I seem like an ungrateful bitch - these are wonderful, superfantastic problems to have.  I'm getting my basement done and going on vacation - I get it - I'm so thrilled to be able to do both of those things I can't stand myself - but this is not the point.)  The point is - I'm gone the whole week before the party - well I get back one week before party day.  And we'll have Sunday to get and decorate the tree - and the whole house has to already be decorated before we leave.

So really that's 31 days until we leave for vacation and we have to move the boxes and the furniture and set up the shelves and other basement whatnot - AND decorate the whole house, inside and out, for the party.  I'm having a little freak out over here.  I think I might be hyperventilating.  It's not like we don't both work and don't have at minimum 5 sport things for the kids each week - though this week we get to add basketball tryouts too - yipee.  And Brad leaves tomorrow for the rest of the week and will be up and back between here and FL every week until we leave.  OMG  okay - I know, deep breath in, shot of vodka, deep breath out, shot of vodka.  Vodka's okay for the band, right?


Jen said...

Holy Shitballs!
How about a Xanax with a Vodka chaser.
Totally this situation.
I thought I had it bad!!! :)

Linda said...

OK - that's a lot to do, but at least it's fun stuff. I love Christmas and decorating(but I have a wee townhouse so it's easier).
Very jealous of your Disney trip - we're planning on going back next November to see the lights, so I'll have to get details from you.
I'm going to email you soon to get together - I have been totally sick and lazy the last week.

Dizzy Girl said...

Deep breath in...Vodka shot...deep breath shot. LOLOLOL! I love it! Take a shot for me, would ya?

Band-Babe said...

Can't help but to notice you live in MD... I'm from Westminster, my parents, etc are still there.

I'm looking forward to getting caught up on your blog!

amandakiska said...

I think this might be the year to scale things down. You could probably accomplish everything if you run around like a chicken with your head cut off and spend the next month and a half MISERABLE. Or you can decide to do LESS and be okay with it.