Friday, January 14, 2011

Cedar Plank Salmon

For those who asked, here it is.  This is exactly what the paper they gave me says.... ENJOY!

Cedar Plank Salmon
Artist Point
Disney's Wilderness Lodge

Serving Size: 4

Cedar Plank Notes and Preparation

Be absolutely sure the wood is completely untreated (free from chemicals, etc.)  Wash them before use to make sure it is sanitary to cook on.  Allow the wood to dry.

Cedar Plank Salmon

4 each 5" x 5" Cedar Planks
4 each 7 oz. Salmon Fillets
Olive Oil
dash Kosher Salt
dash Fresh Ground Black Pepper

1. First be absolutely sure the wood is completely untreated (no chemicals.)  Be sure to wash it before use to make sure it is sanitary to cook on.
2. Allow the wood to dry.  Rub one side with Olive Oil and place the Salmon on the board.
3. Season with Salt and Pepper.
4. Roast in a pre-heated oven at 400 degrees F for about 8-10 minutes.

Our salmon at home was a little bigger than that and it cooked a little longer.  It was done when the middle was barely no longer raw and I swear it truly melted in our mouths!  When we had it at Disney they had started using some other seasonings, but I have no idea what it was.  I put some pot latch seasoning from William Sonoma on ours and it was amazing, but I think any seasoning or none at all would also be really good.  I hope everyone enjoys it!


Susan said...

Sounds delicious! I love salmon and now am in the mood.

Tina said...

Sounds yummy! I find that the kind of salmon you get makes a huge difference in flavor-Wild Alaska king is by far the best. I have never cedar planked in the oven before though--cannot wait to try this recipe.