Friday, January 14, 2011

B. Y. O. C. - yay!

It’s Friday which means it’s BYOC time. That’s Bring Your Own Crazy….5 little questions you can copy and paste into your own blog to give your brain a break and to get to know your fellow bloggers better.


1. If you were on death row, what would your last meal be before your “death”?

Salmon cooked on a cedar plank done at the nice restaurant at Disney's Wilderness Lodge called Artisan something maybe - Holy Shit! That was the best food I've ever eaten.  And once I commented on it, they gave me some cedar planks and the recipe to go.  We've made it at home and it was pretty damn good!  It didn't quite live up to their version but I'll definitely have it again - perhaps once or twice a week for the rest of my life.

2. If you drive a car, do you speed?
Um... yup.  On the highway, I'm pretty sure my car isn't capable of going below 80.

3. What movie(s) do/can you watch over and over again?

Man... I don't really watch movies over again.  But, I know I've seen Clueless a few times and always enjoy it, and I'd have to bet I could watch and still love Breakfast Club and St. Elmo's Fire (two touchstones for me).

4. What’s your favorite blog topic to read about and your favorite blog topic to write about?

To read about - Well... sex of course. Who doesn' t love a good sex story.  And I am a seriously curious sort - so I love, love, love learning things.  Sex-y things of course, but also everything else too.  And I completely love when someone I've grown attached to hits a new milestone or achieves a new goal - or uncovers something profound!!!

To write about - hmmm.  I guess it depends on my mood.  Sometimes I enjoy sharing the insanity that is my life; it so often helps me put stuff in perspective for what it is - eh... it's just life and sometimes it's funny.  Other times I enjoy writing deeper stuff - that helps me flesh out a problem.  And the bonus is you all are just so damn supportive - it makes that kind of thing easier.

5. Repeat question: Summarize your week in blogland and in real life.

In blogland - I've still been enjoying people as they seem to be getting back to blogging again - though January is so crazy busy for me that It's been hard (ok, impossible) to really keep up - but I've been enjoying people's possitive and confident attitudes!!

In real life - well that depends on which side of the coin you want to look at, now doesn't it?  On the one side, my MIL trip home was postponed for the SECOND FRICKIN' TIME!!!  Am I bitter?  Who me?  Absolutely not.  I'm just looking at it as an opportunity for future blog posts.  Yup, this is a totally good thing!  On the other side - totally ignoring my current work load - I am SO SO SO excited that our very own Godess, Drazil, was good enough to answer my "Dear Drazil" letter.  I sent her this totally unsolicited request for information about her organizational methods - as getting organized again is on my 2011 list of intentions, and I thought what better way to get started than to pick the brain of a color-coding, list making, orgainizational whore queen - am I right or am I right?  Anywho - she was so lovely and gracious and she totally sent me all this fantastic information about this and that - and as I too can get off (literally) on some good organizational porn - we had a lovely back and forth about this topic!!  I've been doing a little research in my nearly non-existant spare time as to which products I'm going to need to create the command center in my kitchen.  I can't tell you how excited I am by this!!!! There will be a blog post about this in the future, complete with pictures.

In the meantime - I want to send a sincere thank you out to Draz as she gave me so much more great information than I ever hoped she would!!! As all of you know, she totally rocks!


Drazil said...

Awwww....seriously....I'm speechless. And you know that never happens. Like wow - seriously - thank you. I can talk organization porn all damn day and night too...probably even while I'm in a Skittle bath. Loves you!

Sandy Lee said...

I want the recipe. Please. Luv luv luv salmon done any way but burnt. If you don't post it I will have Drazil, my iChild, come after you. If you want you can just e-mail it to me if it was THAT good. Then I will be your forever grateful iMom.

Barbara said...

I love Salmon too.. so please post that recipe.. I have tried it on a cedar plan on the grill, and thinking I have soaked that plank enough would have the flavors come through.. but most times the board just catches on fire!! and I wind up with burnt salmon.. so help a bandster out.. (thanks for your kind words.. means so much)