Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weigh in day

First my weigh ins.  I didn't really realize I'd skipped two weeks of weigh ins.  I think that's not a good thing for me.  I truly think the accountability of weighing in here publicly is an important piece of the puzzle for me.  It isn't always true, as sometimes I'm just an airhead, but often if I don't lay it out there publicly it's because I'm not doing well.  And as we all know too well it's just damn easy to pile one bad day onto another and one bad week onto another, etc. 

In this case - hiding was definitely the reason for the first skipped one as I'd gained roughly 1 million pounds in a one week period and refused to even get on the scale.  I did get on for the start of the spring challenge on 3/6 and I weighed in at a whopping 197.4.  And I'd been below 190 the week before.  Oops.  Some of that was no doubt water weight as TOM came to visit the very same day, but certainly not all of it.  Then I decided to move my weigh in day to coincide with the challenge weigh in - so today's weigh in was 194.2.  Still too much - but seriously not bad considering how I ate after Jack was so damn bloody earlier in the week. 

Onward and updownward!


Ronnie said...

We haven't been posting our weights for the same reason. :(

TheCurvyCat said...

:( I tend to post on my regular weigh day, but not necessarily as a weigh-in. Maybe I should start, though I'd probably bore the hell out of everyone with the same old weight every week for months (which pretty much describes things since December). LOL

Jess said...

Diddo...I cringe at the thought of the scale. I thought this spring challenge would get my ass in gear and I am as little motivated as before!