Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Could I be in denial???

Here I am, most of the way through and E.N.T.I.R.E. full sized plate full of egg noodles and cheese (and some other stuff).  Maybe it's not the salad that's kryptonite?  Maybe I just need a fill?  I've only had a couple of bites here and there of pasta since surgery - cuz I was told not to eat it as it will fill the pouch quickly.... um... not so much.

I sometimes struggle to eat yogurt and cottage cheese and chicken and... well anything really; soft or hard.  But, if I am in a mood to eat I seem to be able to get it down, whatever it may be and however much of it there is.  I made this plate and I said to myself - "hey dorko, did you forget you have a band?  There's no way you'll be able to eat all that."  And I replied "eh, I'll stop when my band tells me to"  Yeah well, it's mostly gone and the band has remained mute on this point.

I did just get up and throw the rest away - not because I couldn't eat the rest, but because I was grossed out by the concept of what I'd already eaten, let alone the rest.

I read Linda's post today about being motivated even more since she got back from the NY Brunch.  She totally rocks - but man, for me - I've been basically eating non stop since I got back.  I had that seriously to die for guacamole two nights in a row for dinner.  (and it's not like I skipped the chips).  And then the noodles tonight.  Good god, someone stop me!

But back to the denial.... I'm thinking that despite the fact that there are lots of times and lots of things I struggle with eating at any given time - the fact that I can clearly eat WAAAAY more than 1 cup (let alone 1/2 C) of food some of the time is a sign that I need a fill.  What do you all think?  Or is it just that the band is fickle?


nikki said...

Salads are my kryptonite. As much as I love hour later I feel I could eat a house. If I have a good fill, I can't eat pasta at all. Unlike last night, I had like 1.5 cups mixed with turkey chili. So, I would have to go with a you may need a fill....

Lyla said...

I can eat more than a 1/2 a cup of food. And thank goodness for that because 1/2 cup is crazy-cakes in my book.

Are you losing eating this much? I thought I saw you were kicking ass at the Spring Challenge?

I know everyone is different, but this is how I roll: If I'm losing, I don't care if I can eat more and do eat more in quantity than other bandsters. Because in the end, I'm just trying to lose weight and in my book, the less I have to let the band do unnatural things to me (make me vomit from a bite of food, give me pain from two bites of food, make me completely unable to eat whole food groups).

If what you're doing is working for you, why push it just so you fit what the band "should be" in your head?

But of course, your mileage may vary-- just some food for thought.

Linda said...

I can pretty much always eat pasta so it's not a good test for me. In some ways I'd chalk it up to fickle, but I don't really know how big the plate you was. Was it a normal size plate or just more than normal for a bandster? Try to stick to solid proteins for a day and see if you still feel so hungry. It's hard to know sometimes.

adorkbl said...

Everyone is soooo different. I just had to split my salad into two separate meals today. 2 cups of spring mix & 1/2 cup of chicken was two meals.

Pasta... I RARELY eat it. When I had Italian this weekend I was able to eat on large ricotta & spinach stuffed shell. That was it.

I think you made need a fill. It all depends.

I agree with Lyla though... I don't WANT to only eat 1/2 cup of food at a time. Crazy cakes man. I am getting a slight unfill tomorrow because every meal is sooo small and a struggle. I liked being looser.

As long as you are losing!!

Bonnie said...

So hard to judge because everybody is different. I can always eat a ton of pasta - slides down very easy. How are you when you eat solid protein?

Amanda said...

I agree with Lyla! But honestly I am so confused by this band some times! Last week I was so tight. I mean nothing went down. This week I can nearly eat anything I want. Smaller portions then what I could before. I wonder if I am hormonal and just plain hungry!

Ronnie said...

I'd say it sounds like you need a fill. I can eat pasta by the bucket loads, too, though I try not to very often - shit happens! lol

LDswims said...

You could probably get a fill but I actually don't think it would be wise. When you decided enough was enough that was your turning point. It's easy to eat around the band - it's hard to get our brains onboard with this. You just rediscovered that you can eat pasta and, to me, you made up for lost time. That's the problem with being told "don't eat this or drink that". It's bunk, for starters, and for another, when you figure out it's bunk, you over-indulge. Now that you know - I think you are more likely to handle it better. You could get a fill and be too tight and therefore have certain foods you can't eat - and guess what, eventually that will go too far and you'll need an unfill and you'll make up for lost time again. I don't think we should be using the band to limit our foods but to just simply remind us we don't have to eat the whole plate. Guess what - that just worked for you. I'd call that success. Maybe it wasn't a physical feedback sign, but you got feedback nonetheless.

If you are already too tight - then sliders like pasta and guac with chips is going to be too easy to turn to. I am looser than I have been since last June and I'm actually finding that I'm eating better than I ever have. It's incredibly subtle right now, my hints from the band, but it's just enough that I know it's there. Nothing is off limits and that's precisely how I want it. Factoring out pregnacy and whatnot, that is. That, of course, changes everything. :)