Friday, March 4, 2011

B.Y.O.C. - Bring Your Own Crazy!!!

Even though Drazil's sick, she still managed to give us our Friday dose of BYOC - Bless her little heart!!

BYOC - for any newbies here - is 5 little questions you can copy and paste to your blog and answer in an effort to give your blog brain a break and to get to know each other better!  Enjoy!

1.  If you could be a weather forecast, what would you be and why?

I could probably make a case for just about any kind of whether out there - okay, no tornados or hurricanes or things of that nature - but I just flat out LOVE LOVE LOVE weather.  I love big blustery winds, and driving thunderstorms and light spring rains and pretty white snow storms (as long as they only happen at the ski resort you can drive up to with the convertible top down) and seriously HOT and HUMID days.  Okay, I really don't care for seriously, bitterly cold, but to have all the rest I'll happily take it.  I think it's why I like living in MD so much.  There are 4 very distinct seasons here and I love them all.  okay I love winter WAY least of all, but please don't tell Mother Nature. 

But... to answer the question, I'd pick... Bright sunshine, little white puffy clouds, 78 degrees, very light breeze.  It's a happy kind of forecast.  One that makes me think of playing at the pool or the beach, long drives with the top down, just generally playing.  All lovely things.

2.  Would you break the law to save a loved one?

This is an easy one.  Absofuckinglutely.  It wouldn't cross my mind not to, and I wouldn't have the slightest guilt afterwards (how do you spell that?) and if history holds true, I'd be able to talk myself out of any trouble in the end.

3.  If Happiness was the national currency, what would make you filthy rich?

Peace.  Confidence that I understand and belong in my little place in the world.  Much more time at home.  Sleepy, sweet sex every morning and wild, scream-into-your pillow sex every night.

4.  Can you sum up your life in a six word sentence?  (Example:  My heart continuously expands in joy.)

Hmmmmm.  Six words.... Seriously? 

Continuously searching for peace and belonging

5.  Repeat question.  Summarize your week in blogland and in real life.

Blogland - Other than Draz's BYOC #4 this week which totally through me for the loop, it's been good.  It's going to take me some time to recover from that one.  I'm looking forward to the springtime challenge starting on Sunday.

Real life - continues to be be busy - We have basketball playoffs, and a skills challenge competition on Saturday and the first baseball practice on Sunday.  I'm looking towards what we've gotten ourselves into this spring - two boys, two sports each.  Teddy has been playing baseball and soccer in the spring for a while now and Jackson does flag football, but this year we've added baseball for Jack too.   - What the hell were we thinking?  Baseball games are as long as three hours each on a Saturday or a Sunday - and now there are two.  Maybe they'll be mostly at the same time and Brad and I will just split up...  Aaaah well, what are you gonna do?


Drazil said...

Hahaha- you didn't like #4 huh? Sorry Charlie - gotta make my girls think you know!

And for the record - I'm still stick - burning up with fever - and I'm here commenting. That's how much I love you.

Rambo is going to cuddle me to make it all better so don't worry.

Bonnie said...

Drazil is a trooper. You are going to be a busy girl this spring.

Ronnie said...

Great BYOC. :) I second the wild, scream-into-your pillow sex every night! LOL

Dinnerland said...

Hey-- I didn't read your post yet, I want to add my own answers without having influence from anyone else's answers...
but I wanted to say thanks to you for being such a great cheerleader!!
Keep up your great work- keep going.