Saturday, October 1, 2011

Chicago, Day 2

Bullet style...

  • We got up entirely too early for how late and how drunk we had gone to bed - but such is life.
  • Eventually the rest of the planning committee descended on our room with the rest of the stuff for the swag bags and in no time at all set up an efficient assembly line to fill the bags
  • All the door prizes they managed to con arrange some lovely sponsors into giving us were also carefully wrapped for presentation.
  • As I was in major recovery mode and not really fully able to function not involved I sat quietly on the couch and tried to write my Chicago day 1 post.  (I will not mention here that it took me quite a few hours to accomplish all that amazingness yestereday)
  • After they had gotten all their work done (and I'm telling you it took a few hours - we should be bowing down to these women whenever we pass them) it was decided that food was a priority and off we trudged to The Cheese**cake F@ctory where after sharing some appetizers a few women got some cheesecake.  As I had had an oreo shake with my lunch I abstained - I'm thinking that was a mistake as  I believe there were a few orgasms experienced right there in the booth during dinner.  I want to go back specifically to get what Gilly had!  Cuz... well...  I felt a little uncomfortable watching her eat it.  It seems a little too personal and intimate to share.
  • We stopped on the way back to the hotel for a little bit (and I do mean a very little bit) of shopping before the planners got their collective assess in gear again and got the food and liquor set up for the official meet and greet!  That was great fun, let me tell you!!  So lovely to get to see just about everyone all at once.  These woman are just as wonderful and even more beautiful in person than you expect them to be!
  • Then back to the karaoke bar - only this time with Tessie Rose.  Apparently it had been leaked that Tessie was coming because the bar was holy fucking packed.  A few drinks later and we hightailed it out of there, forming a protective ring around Tessie, and found a quieter bar in which to play.  So, fun to be able to just let your hair down, so to speak, with all these lovlies.  I'm pretty much planning on taking a state by state tour of the US to go and visit them all one by one.  
  • Then on the way back to the hotel - ok we were already in the hotel when Carmen came rushing in and it turns out there was a different group just coming in for a quick stop before heading out to a diner at 1am.  Well... of course I had to go!  I had the best time talking with Tina who when drunk is even more fun than normal!!
  • finally off to bed at about 2 - not too bad and am up and feeling damn human this morning


Susan said...

Loved seeing you and these update posts are great! Can't wait for tonight!

Tina said...

Shhhh...don't let that information get out. I had a hangover tonight :)


Kristin50 said...

You were so worth my trip lady! You know how to party and have a great time!