Monday, October 3, 2011

Days 3 and 4

Day 3 – the day of food

·         First Linda goes out to breakfast with a couple of people while I was a super lazy slug.  But when she comes back – she brought me this churo – well, she probably bought it for herself to enjoy later but instead she was kind enough to share it… well it was more like… OMG, you have to try this thing, it’s SOOOOOO good.  And boy was she right.  Holy cow, who knew those things could be so dang good!!
·         Then we went do lunch at pizzeria due or something like that – OMG – so so so so good and so so so so much fun.  I was there with such a wonderful group that were gracious enough to let me crash their fabulousness.  We had this Chicago style pesto pizza – I know there was some other stuff on there – not meat – but… seriously.  The. Best. Pizza. Ever.  Seriously!!  Did I mention this stuff was good!!  But wait there’s more.  Cuz in addition to the amazing company and the out of this world pizza we had Tonya as a waitress.  And man oh man did she fit right in with our insanity.  I would like to publically apologize to all the other patrons of the restaurant while we were in there – I’m pretty sure we were universally hated – but I swear it wasn’t our fault – Tonya made it just so damn fun!!!  The following are things of note from this one meal
o        Kung Fu Panda Bear – big, burly, cuddly manager who Tonya got us to call by that name – he promptly threatened to write her up or fire her – he was mostly kidding.  At the end of the night we got a totally fun man who was just walking down the street minding his own business to take our picture with Tonya and Kung Fu Panda Bear
o        Oh… the woman who led us to our table was named Shaquisha and Drazil and the rest of us took that as a good sign that her name was so close to Shaniqua
o        Shaquisha immediately called Stephanie a fashionista as she was looking all kinds of glamorous
o        Stephanie discovered later, however, that she is now thin enough to NOT NOTICE that she had forgotten to take off the skirt (a whole skirt people) she had been wearing earlier.  She had decided to put on jeans for lunch and she just pulled them up and somehow managed to tuck in the skirt she had been wearing right INSIDE her jeans along with her shirt.  Shaquisha would not have been impressed.
o        You know those little things that hang off the side of a table that create a hook that you can then hang your purse off of??  Well Brad got me one for Christmas with an M on it.  My last name starts with a W and I’m sure he thought it was a W and not an M and maybe even one of my kids picked it out, I don’t know, I wasn’t there, but as I wanted one, I was happy to get one – period.  But then, in some crazy gyration of mine I kicked my purse (without even knowing it) and the M thingy went flying.  Next thing I know a waiter is standing behind me saying – who’s Ms. M?  holding my purse holder thing in his hand.  Oh, that’s me, oops, thanks so much.  But then one of my lunch companions says “why is it an M?” and I said “it was a Christmas gift, and I held it upside-down and said it was supposed to be a W”.  Another person said “It’s the thought that counts.”  In her happy always positive voice.  And another responded “It’s not the thought, it’s that he fucks up over and over.”  Hmmmm, tell me how you really feel??
·         Then we headed to the sex shop to show Drazil what all the fuss is about.  I’m not sure we succeeded there – but a great effort was made – and I’m sure it’s just a matter of time.
·         Then… OMG… then we had pie.  We went to this famous Chicago pie company that Gilly had heard about on Foodnetwork - some such thing about a Fat Dead Elvis pie - or something crazy like that - well bummer of bummers they didn't have that particular flavor available when we got inside after waiting in the out the door line - but I ordered pumpkin cheesecake which I always like.  But people!! This pie was the best thing I've ever put in my mouth - and if you've followed me for any amount of time you know that's saying something.  I want to live in this pie.  Bathe in it - forget skittles people - it's their pie.  Phew.  Was it good for you?  Cuz it was really, really good for me.
  • Then we got back to the hotel and it was time to start to get ready for the big meat dinner.  I sort of accidentally fell asleep due to a food coma.  (I don't know why the bullets just started looking like this - but... eh)  We got all prettied up and went to an all you can eat brazilian meat place.  So much food!!! So much left on our plates!!! All so good though!!
  • Then, since we hadn't eaten enough we came back and had a pajama party in the lounge complete with ice cream.  Again - soooo much fun!!
Day 4 - sad good byes.

  • Bought Garrets popcorn and discovered the Chicago mix of cheese and caramel is, in fact, as good and addicting as everyone said it would be.
  • Got packed up
  • hugged the hell out of lots of people
  • had a fantastic lunch with most of my favorites (a few had already left so we raised a glass in their honor)
  • And headed home - sniff sniff.
I will do another post about my personal observations and will include pictures - but I'm not ready or organized enough to make that happen as of yet.

I will leave you with my overall impression - Best. Weekend. Ever.  So much fun, such wonderful people, All even better in person than you knew they'd be.  Stupid good food - how is anyone thin in Chicago?


♫ Drazil ♪ said...

Yes yes - that is the is anyone thin in Chicago? Good God - pizza was fun with KF Panda. Did I mention I love you? And miss you? Cuz I do. I cannot wait to hear your personal observations - like seriously.

Cat said...

Thank you so much for the run down. I am so freaking excited about seeing the pics and reading your personal observations that I may or may not have already tinkled a bit. /shame.

Kristin50 said...

LOL we did have some amazing food! Some of us escaped the meat dinner since we did not order the meat....LOL and we opted for dessert ala The Lux Cafe, I want you to know that I had Red Velvet Cake as did Karin and the pieces were as big as a house!!!! I mean truly half a freaking cake came to our plates, with a pond full of whip cream next to the piece.

It melted in our mouths and I quickly went into a sugar coma, I mean really the Cuban liquor earlier and this was way, way too much! ahem no not really!

I cannot wait for your personal observations either sweetie!

Manda said...

Glad you had a wonderful weekend. So happy for you ladies.

Amanda said...

The churros were straight from the gods for sure!! I am talking about them all day to anyone who will listen.

FitBy40 said...

So sad I didn't get to see you on saturday but was assured by many ladies that you ARE in fact as funny as you seem on your blog!
OMG, I was with Stephanie when she decided to change into jeans and never even noticed that she didn't take off her skirt! However, she should feel good because she had made some sort of comment on how the jeans were a bit tight. At least now she knows it wasn't her waist that made the jeans tight!

~Lisa~ said...

Welcome home!!

Barbara said...

Loved loved loved seeing you sweetie.. you are a tremendous person.. kisses

Band Groupie said...

Can't wait to see the pics! So glad to get to meet you, and wish we had more time're too much fun GF! Glad you finally took that shower (after just a few false starts LOL) clean up well...gorgeous girl! Put me on your state by state tour! more ((HUGS)) -BG