Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Is it so wrong????

So.. Ricky is gone.  Dan (husband) took her back to NY yesterday.  There was a death in her extended family which caused her to stay a couple of extra days, but now Dan has taken her to the service and will then fly from there to NC for the rest of the week for work.  It’s just me and the boys and we’re having a delightful time. 

But… I’m like the world’s worst mom – or at least world’s worst role model. 

We get home on Monday night and Jason (10 year old) starts to dump his backpack onto the couch right where Ricky likes to sit (with hand in pants) and he stops mid dump and looks up at me and asks… Oh is Grandma sitting here?  I reply that Grandma is gone, Daddy took her back up to New York this afternoon.  He asks… Is Daddy gonna bring her back with him?  Nope, I tell him.  And it’s there.  Just for an instant.  A look of unfettered glee passes over his eyes before he immediately schools his face.  But I know my kid and I saw it, though I’m awfully proud of him for doing his best to keep it hidden. 

I say to him (and this is the really bad role model part) Do you know how that makes me feel?  The fact that Grandma is gone.

Jason: (skeptically) no.

Me: (shooting both fists into the air) JOYFUL!  WOO HOOO!!!! YAY!!!

Jason:  (grinning ear to ear) OMG me too!!! But I thought you’d get mad at me if I said that.  Do you know what it make me feel inside??

Me: (also grinning) nope, what?

He proceeds to do a little happy boogie that involves every single bit of his body as he dances with glee around the room. 

I love my kid!


Ronnie said...


~Lisa~ said...

Hahahaha!! Great story!!

FitBy40 said...

OK, if he didn't even know you were happy until you told him, then you've been setting a great example!
Good job mama.

Stephanie said...

LOL...You're an awesome mom!!!

Amanda said...

lolololol! Fantastic

Gilly said...

You are a GREAT role model! You just showed him that he can tell his mum anything!! xo

Dawnya said...

LOL...I love your kids!!!

Jessica said...

hahah funny!

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