Friday, September 30, 2011

Chicago - Day 1

At some point in the future - I will follow with a more coherent post that will include actual pictures and whatnot - but here's a very quick recap of my first day here.

Linda and I met up at the airport 8:00ish which was just not too bad as far as early morning hours are concerned and were immediately in vacation mode.  Once on the plane we got the requisite screwdriver and it was on!  Unfortunately they never came back around to give us a second drink, but we managed to survive.  Barely.

We arrived and literally ran into Jacquie in the bathroom - yay!

OMG - I swear the driver made fun of how 'girls' pack which, of course, totally meant she was talking about me being one of "those" girls with my two checked bags and my two carry-ons.  Where was my little fru fru pink wearing poochie when I needed him??

We hooked up with Stephanie, Gilly, Angie, Justine, and Jacquie and had lunch and began our drinking adventure.  Others arrived here and there and then all the planners showed up with a HUGE truck load of stuff.  Eventually we headed out to dinner - though I will say that the group of woman I was having dinner with totally ditched me!!!  I must have smelled or something.  Eventually they realized I wasn't with them and Joey called and told me they were well on the way.  Bitches.  I took a cute martini glass from the restaurant because someone told me I couldn't.  Apparently I'm 12.

Back to the hotel, got dressed in our slutty, drag queen, best and headed to the drag show - man that was fun.  I know it's as obvious as the nose on my face - but holy hell Dawnya is a fun chick - I'm totally in love with her.  After that - we head to a karaoke bar and lots of bad songs were sung and much liquor was consumed!

by the way... I've just been told by Drazil that I must point out her fabulousness to all of you - and well... yeah, she's fabulous - I think some of her ass popping gum drops have landed on me because I'm feeling pretty special myself.

On another note.... Can I just say wow!
I'm rooming with Linda, who's one of the planners as you know, and that's given me a unique perspective from which to view all the work those six amazing woman have been doing behind the scenes.  And let me tell you - it's a damn shit load of stuff they're doing.  While others are out taking tours of this and that or shopping or lunching or cough cough recovering from too much frivolity the night before.  They are stuffing bags full of swag that they've each busted their asses to get for all of us.  They've had boxes and boxes of shit delivered to Chicago from all over the damn place.  Let me just go on record of sending out a great big thank you to each and every one (Linda, Joey, Jenny, Lynne, Deb, and Stephanie) of you for all your hard work over this past year to make all this come together - it and you are all just amazing!


Cat said...

So very happy you arrived safely and are having a blast. Wish I were there. Cannot wait to see pics.

Jessica said...

Yay for the fun!

Island Bandit said...

it has been sooooo awesome to meet you and see the mother in law pose reinactment in person. and yes.... our six planners are INCREDIBLE women!

Tina said...

Look at you going back to the room and posting :) I bow down...just as I bowed down to the porcelain God after I got bacon and eggs after no. An now how am I going to explain to Lynda that I am the one who clogged the toilet???


Beth Ann said...

It was SO great to meet you! You are just as fabulous in person as I imagined!!