Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A few last minute things...

I can't comment - no idea why, but it's totally annoying....  here's a couple of random comments I was unable to post;

to Draz - I'm so thrilled to hear about Banana's latest drama, I'm totally grinning!  And numbers... I'm not sure we've talked about the actual numbers but mine is higher than his and we both know that.

to Tessie Rose - Yay!!!

Last night Tommy (my 13 year old) needed help creating a simple line graph in Excel.  I'm an accountant.  Did I mention that before.  An actual accountant - can we guess what program I spend a hell of a lot of my work life working in??  Yeah, that would be Excel.  I'm the excel queen.  I say as much to Tommy - and up we head to my laptop.  This very complicated graph had one line with four data points and a few labels to make it pretty.  I open the 2011 professional Office version of excel that's on my Mac and it starts asking me questions about sparkly lines - I kid you not.  Where do you want the sparkly lines and ok maybe it was sparkling lines.  But I don't want any stinking sparkly or sparkling lines.  I'm sitting there reading instructions about these lines and get as far as learning I can't continue without them.  As I'm in the process of packing for Chicago and this little graph should take approximately 30 seconds to complete I quickly close that version of Excel without ever figuring out what the fuck sparkly lines have to do with anything. 

No big deal, right?  I open the 2008 College version of excel that's on my mac and set out to create the graph and it takes about 3 seconds and up pops a graph that's the size of my pinky finger and I can not figure out how to make it bigger or add a title and other pretty things - Good fucking God people this is a 1 minute project and I'm failing on my second attempt.  Fuck it!  I end up logging into my work desktop through Citrix and do the graph in 10 seconds flat and email it to me at home before printing it. 

This one minute project took at least 15 and made my already joyful (not) mood even better.  But Tommy got a nice little pretty graph at the end of it.

(man, I am going to so screw up these new names - please point it out to me when I use their real names - thanks!!)

So... it's totally going to look like I'm one of those girls.  I have a suitcase that I'm going to check FULL of clothes for the sisterhood which is great but then when I got around to packing for me and the Chicago weather and well... of course I needed to put a few things into the suitcase I'm checking and well... when I did - it's now too heavy.  Oops.  So now I'm going to check two, count them two, bags for my four day trip to Chicago.  I feel like I need to be carrying an annoying little dog wearing a little pink outfit too.

I have never, in my whole life, ever needed to get away from my life more than I do right at this moment and I can't tell you a) how excited I am that I actually have a trip planned and b) how unbelieveabley amazing it is that the trip is getting to see all of you wonderful, loveing, supportive, fun people. 

To all those of you who are unable to make the trip this year - I will sincerely miss you and hope you'll be able to join us next year!!!


Ronnie said...

I HATE the new Excel for my Mac, the graph's never work!

Lap Band Gal said...

see you soon! :)

Tina said...

You don't how much better you make me feel...I have tried to get on and don stuff with excel that i used to be able to do in seconds flat and ended up in full on cussing fits on the floor. I personally scream foul mouthed insults at Bill favorite is 'G#d-D#mn you BG.

Can't wait to see you in Chi town.


Beth Ann said...

I'm an accountant too! Although I love sparkly and now I'm going to go find these sparkly lines. :)

See you soon! Hope you can decompress quickly. We are going to have some fu-un!

vickyd said...

I'm another in the accountant club (there are a lot of us who are bandsters...wonder if there is a connection there?) and I have been there...ask me for a V-Lookup or a pivot table and I could do it in 5 seconds but a simple graph for a school project somehow morphs into something impossible depending on the version of Excel you're using.

Now off to look for those sparkly lines...I wonder if they would like them on the next executive reporting I send out ;)

Jacquie said...

I'll see you at the airport tomorrow morning! Travel Safe and call when you get in.