Friday, April 1, 2011

BYOC!!! Bring Your Own Crazy!!

I'm so happy it's BYOC time - I have been really challeneged blogging wise (and in many other ways too) this week so I'm glad Drazil is there to do the hard work for me!!!

It’s Friday!!!! Time for BYOC!! BYOC is Bring Your Own Crazy…..5 little questions we answer in an effort to get to know each other better and to give our blogging brains a break!


1. Are you superstitious?

About odd little things, sure.  I don't have any problems with walking under ladders, or crossing a black cat's path or opening an unbrella inside (and in fact for my own amusement, I've been known to do all those things repeatedly if I'm with a superstitious person).  But things like... while watching a sporting event where "my" team is doing great I would never say anything like "We've got this one in the bag" because I'm sure the very next play we will fumble or give up a grand slam or something along those lines and I'll get all annoyed if someone else were to suggest such a thing.  Same thing with my kids... I'd never say... "Phew, I think the worst is over." or "I think he's finally asleep for good."  or anything like that where I'm sure I'm just jinxing the gods who will immediately reverse the situation.

2. You wouldn’t be caught dead where – wearing what?

There are so many, many things.... tube tops, spandex, leather pants, camel-toe-producing short shorts, floral-wall-paper-patterned anything.... I'm sure I could go on and on.

3. What brand of perfume to you wear?

I have yet to find one that I like that likes me too.  I do often spray on this body spray that Brad especially likes (and I do too) that is vanilla and red current - I think - I have the same scent body wash and lotion.  It's relatively high on my list to find a perfume to call my own... Hopefully one day soon.

4. Name five non-human things that you love and why.

My car - well.. the car is fine, but it's the convertible nature of it that I love.  Give me a warm, sunny day (64 degrees is my lower limit) and I'm one happy girl.  I love love love to drive anyway - but put the top down and find a curvy road - and I'm purely happy!
My laptop - It's my window to the world.  I'm so much more comfortable "talking" with a keyboard than I am with my mouth. (though that's changing).  It's given me so much fun and many people I never, ever would have known without it; Camille specifically and this entire community in general.  My life is abundently richer for having it.
My iphone - Well it's just the seriously coolest thing.  I desperately love the efficiency of having a camera, a video camera, a music player, a note pad, an up to date weather report including current, accurate moving radar maps that let me determine whether or not the delayed game will continue or be rained out, books, mind numbing games, calorie counters, facebook, the internet, a flashlight, accurate traffic reports, maps, and I could go on and on... Oh and a phone too - all in the palm of my hand.  Or in my back pocket as it often is - it's purely brillant!
Music - any kind (almost), any time.  There is always, always, always music playing around me.  It can boost my mood or help me contemplate my life - it's calming or exciting - it's sexy or raunchy (sometimes the same thing) - it's beautiful and it's dirty - I'm in awe of those who create it.
Sex toys - well I had to do it, right?  Especially with my on again off again issues with my husband.  A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do.  But, in general - there are such fun and varied choices that meet a variety of desires and games to play and kinks to explore. 

5. Repeat question: Summarize your week in blogland and in real life.

Blogland - a mixed bag.  First and foremost - OMG did you check out the new layouts - specifically the little banners over the sidebar titles - Jenny is a freakin' genius!!!  I can't tell you how much I love love love it!!!  I'm already so completely attached to that bee and the turtle - I'm working on names.  As for writing - I've felt like I had nothing to say so I've been fairly quiet and I think that's the wrong thing for me - I need to work that out some.  As for the reading side - I love reading everyone's blogs - I don't always comment, but I do try to fairly often.  But I love the honest - the funny - the ups - and the downs.  It's all good and it's all valuable - so I thank you all.

Real life - is just insanely busy.  Today for instance, we have scheduled; a soccer game, 2 baseball games, an end of season basketball party, and a birthday party - OH and it's Brad's birthday too!  Jackson is skipping the birthday party and Teddy is skipping his baseball game in favor of soccer in this 45 degree weather.  He's a smart boy - "I'd much rather be running around in soccer when it's this cold than standing in the field or sitting on the bench waiting to move."  So I'll go to soccer, and Brad will go to baseball with Jackson and we'll meet up at the basketball thing and then we'll go home and at least celebrate Brad's birthday a little bit before collapsing for the night.  Tomorrow we only have 2 baseball games and luckily they are back to back so we can both see both kids play - then we're going out to dinner for Brad's bday and then on Sunday Brad leaves at the butt crack of dawn to head down to GA to watch Monday's practice round at the Masters - he's so excited!  Rinse, repeat.  I hope everyone has a great week!!!


Bonnie said...

Your supersitions are right along the lines of mine except I'm a bit more of a freak. At one of the Ravens playoff games I actually alternated my jersey from an offense player to defense player as each side was up. I hope the lockout ends soon because I need my football.

Amanda Kiska said...

You are a busy lady!

Love the list!

Beth Ann said...

Love your answer to #1...that is SO me!