Monday, April 18, 2011

Too tight???, chicken paste, and an NSV

So.... I called my doctor's office this morning to report being too tight.  Well, let me back track a bit with a quick trip down memory lane.

Thursday - the day of the fill - I probably managed to get 10oz of water to stay down.  I threw plenty of it up along the way and first learned all about being the foam machine I'd previously only heard of.

Friday - I got about 30oz of water in, including some protein powder mixed in there, but probably ended the day with less than 200 calories. (which was way more than Thursday)  Found warm water was more doable than cold.  Still plenty of throwing up along the way.

Saturday - I created a priority list - vitamins first, protein 2nd, calories 3rd.  I got the vitamins in and much more protein and liquid - I probably got close to 64oz of liquid and it included some milk or milk based protein shakes (which were not an option on the previous two days) and even managed to get close to 500 calories in.  No getting sick.

Sunday - I was much better.  I was so drained on Saturday that I was really concentrating on calories.  I made this totally caloric chocolate peanut butter protein shake - yumm!!  And that soooo helped!  And then I was able to have some soup and some soupy mashed potatoes.  It actually felt like I could have had more, but I was too afraid to try.  No getting sick and I totally had way more calories than I would normally eat in a day - but that was an easy peasy choice as I felt human for the first time in days!!

So - I call the doctor and leave a message and the nurse calls me back - I tell her I think I'm too tight and this is why - I go on to describe in detail what I've laid out above and to my utter shock she said - well... you're not throwing up liquids anymore - maybe that prolonged your inflammation, let's wait and see how you do over the next day or so.  We'll have to decide soon though as the doctor is away next week.  I told her in no uncertain terms that only being able to eat soupy mashed potatoes was not how I wanted to live my life, but ultimately I was totally game to give it a try - I figured the worst that could happen is I'd lose a little more weight.  Or maybe I'd find I this is okay - either way I'll call back tomorrow or Wednesday and make a decision - I'm confident they'll take some out if I want - hell I can always tell them I'm throwing up water again.

So today - I found I couldn't really eat yogurt all that well.  Though if I'm honest, I've had issues with yogurt for a long while.  I can always get it down, but if I'm not careful it can cause discomfort.  I've always assumed it was just cuz yogurt is so thick and likely to coat everything.  But - OH HOLY HELL I am so not hungry.  Like seriously not hungry at all.  It's completely fascinating.

I was swamped at work today so that was probably part of it - but it came as a total shock at about 2:30 when my stomach growled.  I'd had a chai latte (which I had no problems getting down) in the morning and that was it.  So I opened my chobani yogurt and I threw the last quarter of the thing away at the end of the day.  But - once I got a few bites in me, my stomach was fine and I never "felt" hungry - or rather - "thought" I was hungry.  I got home - completely determined to get enough liquid, protein and calories in me because obviously that is so not enough.  And I made some chicken salad that I wanted to make mushier than normal... uh... I sort of ended up making chicken paste.  I swear it tastes good and it was easy to eat - much, much easier than the yogurt.  So tomorrow I'm going to try different things that are not yogurt and see where I am.  I'll absolutely have to try something solid cuz I have no interest whatsoever in only living on protein shakes and chicken paste - but, I'm encouraged by how easy the chicken shit was to eat.

I'm still thinking I'll be getting the unfill - but maybe I'll try to convince him on a smaller amount than I was originally thinking.  This not being hungry thing - that's damn cool!!

Oh - and on the scale front - I gained 2 lbs from Sunday morning to Monday morning and I still lost 7.2 lbs from last Monday to this Monday.  I'm not sure I'd recommend the starvation diet to anyone - but it certainly produced results.  I've only updated my ticker to reflect the loss before the fill - I figured I should wait and see how the rest all shakes out.

And finally a little NSV.  I'm going to NOLA for JazzFest in a couple of weeks or so and I've been trying on shorts and tops to see what will work on this year's body vs. last year's.  And today I put on a pair of shorts that I thought were super cute last year and when I ran down the steps...  they fell down.  Oops.  I guess I won't be bringing them down south.


Bonnie said...

Damn, girl. I know being too tight sucks, but 7.2!? Almost seems worth it.

Gilly said...

Oh sweetie. I know we talked about this at length. *hugs*

PS: I think I hate your Dr's office.

Angela said...

Seems kinda tight...and not in a good way. :)

Beth Ann said...

I hope it works out for you one way or the other in the next few days.

Have fun in NOLA!!

Tina said...

Take it slow and steady :) I have had times where solids go down better than things like yogurt and mashed potatoes (I agree that it might be a coating thing). Remember that as you lose weight your band is likely to loosen if you can make this work it will get looser over time so you won't get stuck with this for too long..

I guess the decision is can you stick it out and eat good for you stuff or will this super tightness send you into a soft food syndrome episode? Good luck!!!


~Lisa~ said...

Can't really comment on the band thing, but congrats on the NSV!! I am anxious to have clothes falling off me!!

Stephanie M. said...

I've never had any "too tight" issues so I can't really comment on that, but my post-fill favorite mushy is refried beans mixed with guacamole and salsa. It's easy to eat, delicious, and full of protein, vitamins, fiber, and good fat. Try that, maybe?

Amanda Kiska said...

You're too tight. The band is meant to work with SOLID FOODS. The weightloss is nice, but nutricionally you aren't doing yourself any favors. Go get an unfill. Shame on them for making you question your instincts.

Band-Babe said...

Great NSV. You can't live that way for more than a few days (or a whole week???), but the weight loss sure is dramatic.

Island Bandit said...

Been there, done that. got the unfill. I was thrilled with the rapid weight loss I experienced, but I was tired and felt cruddy and KNEW i wasn't getting the nutrition I needed long term. I did love the not being hungry experience, but 2 weeks into the unfill I'm learning again how to manage the hunger and my eating in a way that I will continue to lose weight (albeit at a slower pace) but in a way that's going to work as I head into goal and maintenance. Realising I'm lucky to have a doc who LISTENS TO ME!

tagyourit said...

yikes! That seems a little too tight. I hope you are able to get that unfill.

Gen said...

First, thank you so much for your totally sweet comments!
Second, I vote for too tight. Could you get just a tiny bit out? The no hunger is the best! I bet you could still experience that with a tiny unfill.

Yay for the big loss!

Bonnie said...

Got .2 ccs today. Keep your fingers crossed. Hope you are doing okay.