Friday, April 15, 2011

Who knew how important water was????

Not just to, you know, sustain life and all – but to your general mood.  On Thursday, the day of my fill, after working diligently all day long at getting in enough liquid – right through to 1am, I managed to get in probably 10-12 oz.  And man was I feeling it.  My head hurt, my mouth was uncomfortably dry, and my lips were chapped.  And this was one frickin day.  My mood sucked too.  Frankly I was frightened that I had made a mistake by not calling the doctor on Thursday since I knew that meant I couldn’t call him until Monday.  

But then today I managed to finish a 16 oz bottle of water by 10:30am.  It did have to be warm water – but warm was definitely an easy trade off for me!  I can’t tell you how frickin excited I was by this.  It’s the little things in life, isn't it?  The fact that it was morning and I was able to consume anything gave me hope that food will one day be an option too – LOL.

Of course, at best I got another 16 oz in throughout the rest of the day.  Not much protein at all, but I'm no longer dying of thirst which is a good thing.  I have truly no idea whether this is still some residual inflammation as I always do 2 days of liquids and 2 days of mushies after a fill so I've never pushed it to see.  But there's no doubt I'm definitely tighter than I've ever been and if it keeps feeling like this - this is not sustainable.  Every single time I drink something I burp a little (well unless I don't which means it's coming back up).  And every single time I burp I say, out loud, 'thank you' to the burping gods for keeping things moving.  I tried to drink some chai latte at about 1 and while it didn't come back up - I had to give up trying after a couple of ounces.  It was just taking way too much concentration.  Later some water with protein powder and vitamins did come back up a little, but I was eventually able to start sipping again.  I even managed to get 1/2 of a milk based protein shake down this evening.  I lost 2.2 lbs yesterday and I expect there'll be another loss recorded tomorrow morning. 

There's no way I could have even thought about anything thicker or harder than milk today so I'm thinking this weekend may very well end up all liquids - but here's hoping I can move up to... pudding, or soupy mashed potatoes or even soup.

I hate hate hate the idea of having to go back to idiot boy to justify an unfill so I'm really hoping that this is just residual inflammation and tomorrow will be a little better just like today was a little better.  The upside, of course, is this quick weight loss surge has brought me to my lowest point in about four years and it's right here at the end of the spring challenge; so that's a nice little happenstance.


Drazil said...

Be careful chickenbutt. I don't want to have to come there and kick your ass for making me worry. I have a big butt - I'd just sit on you and win the fight easy peasy.

Tina said... sound really tight...I hope it loosens up to a perfect place asap! Keep drinking..


Ronnie said...

Yay for new lows, but sadface for being so tight. :( I would say don't wait too long to go in for an unfill if you're still uncomfortable all weekend, being too tight for too long does things to people's minds!

-Grace- said...

I hope you get in for a slight unfill soon. Being too tight is the worst.

Gilly said...

Angel, not to be all judgey, but you are WAY too tight! I had a fill yesterday at 10, and at noon I ate chicken wings. No problemo. My Dr's office suggests you eat mushies for lunch and regular food for dinner (although this time I ignored it because...well...wings!, but I've never felt like I HAD to eat mushies after a fill. I know we're all different, but you shouldn't be having this uch trouble.

My question to you is: why did you get the fill in the first place? Were you hungry after eating a cup of protein before 4 hours? Or was it more that you felt like you can eat more than a cup? Because here's the deal, and the thing my Dr's office tells me all the the time: the tighter you are, the more likely you will stretch your pouch, and if you stretch your pouch, then you won't feel satisfied after your one cup, no matter how tight you are. I'd go for the unfill asap. Take care!! xo

Linda said...

Oh - is it getting any better? Drink lots of hot tea with milk to get some protein. I've been too tight to eat much, but not drink - you must be miserable.
It's so hard becasue I think we hate to turn down a fill(especially when you have a crazy Dr. who doesn't give them much). Be careful.

Bec said...

Before I had an unfill I had times where I was really tight like that. Would come and go and I think due to irritation at times. Hope you are better.

Beth Ann said...

I hate being tight. I hope it has gotten better for you. I suspect if I keep reading, I will find out. :)

Water is truly the elixir of the gods. When I drink it, I do well. When I don't, I don't. It's like magic.