Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wanted: band help - BEWARE TMI ahead! - (Draz - don't read this)

So, all day I've had to go to the bathroom; you know, #2.  But it just wasn't happening for me.  I was pregnant twice and am afraid of hemorrhoids, so I know not to force the issue.  Finally as I'm driving home things seem to be moving a bit and I think that after I pick Jack up, I may finally get rid of this "good god will this shit please leave my body" feeling.  I get the kids settled and head upstairs for a little private time.

Well that was nearly a bust.  It's right there, it wants to leave my body and I know it's going to hurt on the way out, but please please please I'm ready for it to leave.  But no, nothing to speak of happens.  I sat there longer than I would normally have, because I really want this to be over, but again, I'm afraid of certain things so I didn't press the issue if you get my drift.

I give up.  I head back downstairs to make dinner for the kids (Brad's away).  And my band starts hurting.  Well it started making itself known while I was sitting upstairs.  But as I'm walking around making pasta it hurts more and more.  (and just an aside - as my friend Camille felt compelled to point out - yes I fully understand that my band has no nerve endings and what I'm really talking about is the upper part of my stomach that the band surrounds - I call this area my band for simplicity sake.  I believe I've mentioned before that I can feel my band every morning.  Just a little achiness in that very specific region, as if I slept on a muscle wrong.  But after moving around for a bit it goes away and I can't feel it at all).

Anyway, as I am moving and walking around it keeps hurting more and more until I'm having to put pressure on that area (sort of like you would a cramp, though it didn't feel like a cramp).  But I'm almost bent over because the pain is getting severe enough and I'm thinking - shit did my band slip?

I was telling my friend, Camille, about it (she has a band too and this is a different Camille than our friend in TX) and she suggested taking some Maalox which I totally didn't think would help as it wasn't a 'my stomach hurts' kind of pain.  It was more 'I have a pulled muscle' or a 'small puncture wound'  kind of pain - but I figured it couldn't hurt.

I took it and after a while my band started to feel a little better.  I have no idea if it's related to the Maalox or if it just needed some time or what the hell that was.  Now it's back to the achy feeling I get in the mornings - so I'm much less freaked out now.

Edited to add: - I was wrong it's really not feeling better if I am not standing still as I was while typing this post.  As soon as I started walking around again, I had to put pressure on my band again.

But - do any of you have any idea what the hell that was??



Linda said...

Oh I don't know. I think we do have a foreign body in us and it can get weird sometimes. My port hurts if I get really full or stuck. I think my band must put pressure on it. I'm no help just complaining too.
Hope it feels better now.

Justawallflower said...

No idea what that was, but I know it was not enjoyable! so sorry for your discomfort!

Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

I wish I could help you. I have no idea either. I would call my surgeon if you still feel the same tomorrow.

Drazil said...

You know damn well if you tell me not to read this I'm going to...and now I wish I wouldn't have. Acky poo - literally. Hope you feel better soon.

Rachel said...

Did you try taking a stool softner? I'm going to be candid for the sake of helping you; but I felt similar feelings when I had my thyroid surgery in December. I took the percocet and I was really really constipated but for some reason it really messed up my whole digestive system and my band. I was in terrible terrible pain. The only silver lining was losing 5 lbs in 72 hours but its not worth it. I would try stool softner and warm lemon water.

As I read your post, I had flashbacks...Hope you feel better soon.

Susan said...

Ok now don't mean to get really gross but it sounds like stool softener might not be enough and you might need a suppository.

Rachel said...

Yes...I think Susan is right...if things don't change, I would try a suppository or enema. Literally it was like a digestive traffic jam...it was horrible...I feel for you and hope you feel relief soon!

Liz said...

I haven't had that type of pain before, so I can't give you input on what it was. Just wanted to give my sympathy...being all "stopped up" sucks! You just reminded me to put some Benefiber or Miralax on my CVS list...

Tina said...

GAS!!! Have had it before...even doubled over with it a time or two. this has usually happened when I did have constipation issues as well. Sometimes i can burp, sometimes it just goes away. Is there a chewable anti-gas pill maybe? I might have to look for that actually now that you talk about it.

How about a glycerin suppositories ? They are gross...are you reading this Draz?? I had them once post c-section and they did smooth things beautifully :)


Manda said...

I tend to have pains in my band area but usually when I'm stressed. It kind of feels like heart burn but I know its not because I have learned how to calm myself down w/ no meds and it goes away.

As for the constipation...I have started using Organic Blue Agave for sweetners.....this stuff loosens things up and you go within 2 hours. Its a good way to clear things out. Lol. I have been using this lately when I haven't gone for about a week in my coffee. I know after two cups, it will happen soon.

I hope that helps..

LDswims said...

Part of why I drink a smoothie nearly every morning is so that I can add fiber. It's about the only way I consistenly get fiber in - and without it, I feel nearly l ike what you described.

I'd try the suppository and softener - but stay away from laxatives. Tina also suggested chewable anti-gas. I don't know about that but gas-x makes a strip that you just dissolve.

If this doesn't resolve soon, see a Dr. I hope you feel better sooner than soon, though!!!