Friday, February 25, 2011

B.Y.O.C. - My favorite time of week...

It’s FRIDAY which means in Care Bear Land it’s time for BYOC…Bring Your Own Crazy! 5 little questions you can copy and paste to your blog if you so desire – in an effort to get to know each other better and to give your blog brain a break!


1. Are you a heavy or light sleeper?

I guess I'm a light sleeper, but it isn't generally a problem.  If the kids need me, I'll here them quietly open the door and can deal with whatever it is and if I don't have to get up, can easily go right back to sleep.  My body/brain has gotten used to Brad comeing to bed after I'm asleep so now I only wake up about 50% of the time when he crawls into bed.  In contrast, one of the kids can come in and we could have full out conversations including power point presentations and guest speakers right there at the side of the bed and Brad would never once stir.

2. If you were made into a professor for a day, what topic would you lecture on?

Hmmm.  Interesting queestion.  Is alcohol involved?  no?  okay then.  I guess I'd talk about not settling.  Stand up for who you are, for what you want.  Do the things you love.  Surround yourself with things you love and want and need - not just stuff.  Surround yourself with people who love you for you - flaws and all.  Who want only the best for you, who push you to strive to be all you can and want to be (much like this amazing blogging community).  Or... maybe the art of blow jobs?

3. What’s a skill you’ve always wanted that you don’t currently have?

I have always wanted to know how to play the piano.  And okay - d'oh. (slapping hand to head) -  I have a piano in my house.  I could learn now - what the hell?  How is it that Drazil's BYOC was necessary for me to connect those dots?  I so hate when I'm dumb.

4. Have you ever been in a real cat fight?

I don't really remember much from my childhood - but I have a very fuzzy impression that I may have once.  But I do know that throughout school and probably even up till today people are generally scared of me.  It's something that bothers me occassionally, but mostly just ammuses me now.  But I know without a doubt that that one fact prevented things from escalating to where a fight could have happened on a couple of differenet occassions.  The impression people always had (completely incorrectly I might add) was that I could beat them to a bloody pulp both verbally and physically.  I have no idea why people believe this of me, but I'm know it kept me out of a couple of situations that I would have been completely ill-equiped to handle.

5. Repeat question: Summarize your week in real life and in blog land.

Blogland- On the the one had it's totally fun.  There's a challenge coming up that should be fun, the excitement is still in the air about BOOBS II.  BOOBS 1.5 (as Linda called it) in NY is happening next month and I'm wildly excited to meet some of you lovely people - it's like a little sneak peak before the real BOOBS event in Chicago.  On the other hand - I've felt every bit of creative blog juice run out of my body and lay there like a gelatinous blob at my feet.  I'm hoping it gets its act together soon.  I'm afraid you'll stop liking me.

In real life - Betty (my inner neat freak) is slowly taking the house back and it's making the rest of me so much more calm.  Brad and I continue to not hate each other though I can't say we're doing anything like clicking on all cylanders or anything crazy like that - but it's not a stress bucket being at home and that's a beautiful thing.  Oh... and I'm going to this benefit tomorrow night for the library and it has a roarin' 20s theme.  I'm not really dressing up in costume - but I did buy some fun accessories; a garter with a little miniature gun attached, a feather for my hair and some huge "rinestone" earings.  And I have this great dress that I can just now wear that does lovely things to all the curves I want to accentuate even though it looks like it should be a very plain and ordinary charcoal colored dress.  So it does what I want every outfit to do - make you look good without it looking like you remotely tried to look good.  I usually don't go to these kinds of things because I'm shy and afraid to talk to people I don't know - but a bunch of friends of ours are going so it should be really fun!


Dawnya said...

I just can't picture you as being shy. Have fun at the event. Take pictures. I can't wait to see you in the dress.

Justawallflower said...

I'm with Dawnya, can't see you as the shy type! The event sounds like a blast though! I also can relate on others perception of you, all through school people seen me in the same light, and I wouldn't hurt a fly! not sure how they got that impression of me! And don't worry, I'll never hate you or leave you if your blog gets boring, it's okay to lose the creative juice once in a while (I've never had it to begin with!)

Bonnie said...

Okay. We all know you are a pussycat so not sure how people could get the impression that you'd bitch slap them for nothing. Thank God that's not true or you might kick my ass for that somewhat drunken phone call. :) Looking forward to NYC too!

Drazil said...

First of all take pictures. Second - learn the damn piano. You can thank me when you're famous for it. Third - it's good people are afraid of you...then you can get away with lots of mean stuff. Fourth - yay for not hating you man stud so much. Fifth - um please do the lecture on BJs. Rambo would thank you.