Friday, February 4, 2011


It’s Friday!!!!!!!
It’s time for BYOC – Bring Your Own Crazy. Five little questions that you can copy and paste into your blog in an effort to get to know each other better and to give your brain a blog topic break!


1. What piece of clothing can you absolutely not live without?

All things mushy; sweats, pajamas (the warm and mushy kind), tee-shirts, furry crocs.  Life is pretty good if I'm in something warm and mushy.  (and I'm not even being dirty!)

2. If you could go back in time for just 24 hours, where would you go and why?

This is really hard.  I totally published this before I answered this one - oops.  Okay, after giving this more thought the only thing I could come up with was I'd love to go back and repeat a day (that I can't specifically identify as there are many of them) where I was totally and completely connected with Brad.  Where we laughed and played and made love and just hung out and had fun no matter what we were doing at the moment.  (and typing this just made me a little weepy)

3. If you could change one feature of your looks, what would it be and why?

This one is easy - I'd have my boobs moved back to where they belong.  I've never, never, never had pert and perky boobs.  AND any time I've ever lost weight I don't lose and ounce from my boobs, but when I have then gained it back, my boobs get bigger.... and saggier.  I swear to God, "Bra Magic" is a beautiful thing and without it I'd look at least 50 years older than I am.  The upside (pun) is that when I get somewhere near my goal weight and I feel comfortable that I'm going to be able to stick around there, I'm totally making an appointment to make it happen!!!  It's been on my list for quite a while now, but I've always maintained that I needed to lose the weight and maintain it for a year before I make the appointment.  I don't think I'll wait the year now, but I will definitely wait until I'm there.

4. What things do you enjoy or only do when you’re alone? (All you perverts out there….try to resist the obvious answer here)

First of all, I crack open my drawer of toys....  Okay, just kidding.

When I'm alone, I turn the music way, way up.  I'll usually walk around from room to room changing the radio station so I can have the same music playing in just about every room in the house.  And then I get stuff done that's hard to do with my three boys underfoot.  The first thing I do - once the music is set - is clean.  I hate clutter so when there's no one there to screw it up, I put everything where it belongs and then I usually work on a project of some sort.  Maybe I'm fixing something, or maybe I'll organize one of the kid's rooms or purge stuff from my closet.  I'm usually very productive, though occassionally I'll just be a lump and pull out a good book and never once get out of bed (toys or not).

5. Repeat question: Summarize your life in real life and in blogland this week.

In blogland - Barbara's loss is still so very present in everyone's minds and I think it's there under just about every post.  This community that exists here is a wonderous and powerful thing.  Drazil meantioned the sip and gulp challenge and I totally need to know what that is, so if anyone can enlighten me, please do.

In real life - This has been a good week.  Brad and I had a long and really hard conversation last weekend.  There was fear, there were tears, but the tension is gone.  The issues aren't but for the first time in a long time I'm feeling really hopeful about it.  I feel like it might just be safe to look forward again and that's just an amazing and freeing feeling.  I don't think I realized how stuck in the present I'd become until I wasn't anymore. - The world feels open again.


This one time at 'band' camp... said...

I must say you almost made me weep a little while reading your 24 hr time...I think we all want that, when it was simpler!

Go to my blog and you'll see the challenge and it is done through Ms. M so she might let you join as I think the deadline was Tuesday at noon...

Have a wonderful weekend! :-)


amandakiska said...

Relationships ebb and flow. Sometimes we are so connected we feel like one person and sometimes we feel like if we have to spend another second with that man we just might rip our eyes out just to distract ourselves from the experience. I'm sorry you're having an "off" time.

Bonnie said...

So glad you and Brad are back on the same track.