Thursday, December 9, 2010

I need some advice about my wacko doctor...

When I was at my last disastrous appointment as a matter of course I made another appointment for December 22nd - which you might know is coming up.

I've been wrestling with whether or not I should keep the appointment and it just dawned on me - duh - that I could ask you guys for your opinion - so this is me asking...

In general, I feel like I'm probably at a pretty good fill level and I'm not having any current issues that I'd want to discuss with a doctor whether I liked him or not.

In the "don't go" column are the following;
  • I have no interest in him getting any more money related to me being his patient
  • I think he's insane
  • I'm not having any issues
In the "I should go anyway" column is;
  • What if something happens and I need a doctor soon.
  • I haven't yet found another doctor though I've been given a recommendation from my PCP and there's a FillCenter about 45 minutes away.  I just don't know if the recommended doctor will accept me - and I figured I'd deal with that whole thing after the holidays since everything seems to be going well enough band wise.
  • What if I can't find another doctor?
  • What if the FillCenter refuses to take me (I know that's stupid, but still)?
Really, I don't know that I mind going in that I'll just say - yes everything is fine, yes I'm eating correclty, yes I'm exercising... blah, blah, blah, and that'll be that.

Though I do have this recurring thought that I'll have lost enough weight that he'll think I need an unfill (as that's his only barometer) and we'll end up having an actual physical battle where he tries to force me to get one and I staunchly refuse.  I win, of course, in that little film that has played a few times in my head - but I leave and there is now no way he'd treat me anymore if there was an emergency. 

Yes, I get I'm a little paranoid about this and am way over thinking it - but... eh, it is what it is.  So, what do you all think?  Should I go just to keep him available in case something happens, or not since there is a FillCenter not that far away?

Thanks so much in advance for your thoughts!


~Lisa~ (Mrs C) said...

My Vote: Call the fill center, get a new Doc!

Good luck to you!! Keep us posted!

tessierose said...

I say if you don't think you need to go, then call and postpone your appointment but get on their schedule. Then, you can explore the new Dr. or fill center situation and still have a back up plan. Good luck!

amandakiska said...

I vote that you cancel the appointment. Although if he did try to force you to get an unfill, it would be a funny blog post!

Rachel said...

Read I have strong feelings on this. Do not go to this MD. First of all, besides having medical expertise, your MD needs to be able to communicate with clarity and respect. It makes a huge difference. My PCP was always dismissive of my health problems and she overlooked a biggie (thyroid tumors). If I had felt more comfortable with her, I think I could have worked on resolving my health problems earlier. And from a band perspective, his perspective is so different from our surgical group or any other things I've read on the blogs. You need to feel comfortable. And one of your former posts. I'd love to have a DC Boobs meeting/chapter!~ I live in No. VA.

Silverhairedgoddess said...

You have to be comfortable with your Doctor - I vote call and get a new Doctor.

My Doctor is great, very caring -

Silverhairedgoddess said...

You have to be comfortable with your Doctor - I vote call and get a new Doctor.

My Doctor is great, very caring -

Darlin1 said...

Read-I'm in the same boat --I'm going to a fill center also --I think!

Anonymous said...

I wish I had some advice to give, but I'm just clueless when it comes to the lap band. It looks like everyone above me gave you some great advice though. Let us know what you decide to do. *Hugs*

Bonnie said...

I'm not sure why cancelling your appointment would mean you couldn't go back to him in an emergency. I think you should tell the office something came up and you need to reschedule. Try to get something for late January so you have the appt as a last resort if the other options don't work out. Keeping fingers crossed that you can get into another office so you don't have to keep dealing with Dr. Tool.