Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Y*ahoo M*essenger

I typed it that way so it wouldn't come up if someone was searching for it but....

So, I love IMing with my friends on M*essenger and it's been more and more fun as I've been able to add BOOBs to my "friend" list on Yahoo and then been able to easily chat with them at night when we both happen to be online.

With other groups I belong to sometimes we get a group chat going and it's totally fun, though I haven't done that in a while.  But I say this because well I don't love chatting on Face*book as the font is just too small for these old eyes. 

So this is my not remotely subtle plea to to come and play with me on M*essenger.  My Y*ahoo name is shadoof41.

And just to amuse myself I'll tell you where the name Shadoof comes from.  Once upon a time I was away on spring break with some sorority sisters and we were playing drunken Balderdash.  If you don't know the game it involves making up definitions to obscure words and then someone having to pick the correct one.  The word was shadoof and one of the definitions that was read aloud for it was... and I quote... "Read's twatty".  Needless to say that was my sorority nickname from that day forward!  There are still a fair number of people who call me Shadoof to this day.

If you do friend me - please tell me you're a boob and if you need directions on how to - just send me an email or comment here and I'll help you through it!


Ronnie said...

I'm assuming everybody just added you but didn't comment, so I'm leaving some comment-love! :)

Beth Ann said...

Is it weird that I don't know how to Yahoo Messenger. (or is it messeng...?) And I had to shut off my FB messenger because weird people from high school kept trying to talk to me. HA! Who are you calling anti-social?? Oh yeah. :)