Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A quick update

Hey all... remember me??

Let's catch up, shall we?  Last weekend was the Balt* imore Comic*-con that Brad helps organize.  In the end I went and took the kids with me and we all stayed downtown in a 3 room suite (cuz apparently Brad is a big wig sometimes) in a great hotel.  I totally cold have lived in that suite - and quite a few of you could have joined me and we all would have been very happy.

The boys had a great time, all three of them.  It was a little sad for me because it was the first year I truly had no role.  There were a few things I helped with, and I absolutely walked around and problem solved as I'm very good at that - but there were times I left and went back to the hotel and I wasn't missed and that was sad - sort of like a big sign of a difference.

But - it was so so so amazing to watch Jack at the show.  He was so very comfortable there.  He walked around like he owned it.  It's been so long to see him so completely comfortable like that - It was so worth every bit of what I didn't like about it to have been able to watch him there.  He headed wherever he wanted and got sketches from artists he liked - he worked the lines, was always polite and helpful and was all around wonderful and had a wonderful time. 

Teddy had "owned" the show for a few years now.  And this year even more so.  He helped at the airport on the first day as all the guests came to town.  Helping with their luggage, and getting them to the shuttles that got them down town.  We got a lot of very nice complements about both of our boys from a lot of people who didn't know them and to a parent as most of you know, that's a beautiful thing!!!

Once the show was over we got home and washed and packed and then headed down to William*sburg.  Oh but wait - first we got to feel the earthquake before we left - which was totally cool - it's my first.  Of course now we're in the path of Hurricane Irene.  We're far enough inland that we're not in real danger - but we may very well lose power down here - we've bought some flashlights and a cooler for our food - and made a tentative hotel reservation for Sunday in case heading back home on Sunday doesn't make any sense.  I guess it'll depend on whether or not it ends up heading up the bay - which it looks less likely that it will.

Oh wait - I forgot... on Tuesday morning I got the IUD inserted in me.  That wasn't too bad, but she had a hard time getting the inner opening of my cervix to open she said "I had to really lean on it"... oh good, that's why I'm in this pain.  So begins the end of my horrendous periods and the fear of possible future pregnancy - both very good things.

But then on Wednesday I swear I've been totally wiped out today - all day long.  I'm assuming it's a delayed reaction to the crazy weekend coupled with someone shoving something up inside me.  OH.... and.. I get there, I'm in the stirrups and I say - Wait!  I need to tell you to use the extra long speculum - and she says I see that noted here in your chart, but I just can't believe that.  It's so big, so long.  I think it's horrendous and I don't even have on in my room.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay but Nicole (my doctor) always goes through three different ones before she ends up using the big one - and I swear to you it doesn't bother me - just go get it.  No, I just can't - I'll use the normal one.  She shoves it home and says - okay - you are really long in there - I need the big one.  yeah yeah yeah - whatever.

Anyway she gets it in there and is telling me how I have to reach in and check these little strings inside me once a month to make sure it's still in there but then she pauses... Do you have long fingers?  Um, no.  I hold up my perfectly normal sized fingers.  Okay, you may not be able to reach the strings - you'll never know if it's still in there till you come in once a year.  Oh good. LOLOL

Anyway - so - tomorrow is Wat*er Coun*try and the next day is Bus*ch Gard*ens and we'll do the old part of town in there at some point.  I'm laying big money on the fact that my kids will not have school on Monday because of the Hurricane, but we'll see.

I hope everyone's well!  (Oh and I'm tight as hell - which I NEVER EVER am.  I'm still thinking it's stress and I'm really trying to own it!)

I love you all!


Dawnya said...

Why don't these so called professionals listen when we tell them about our bodies. You know you need the extra's in the damn chart...and she still trying the regular one. IDIOT.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

Did you get the Mirena? I did that one briefly. I'm glad you guys are having a good trip, even if the comic thingy wasn't the way you expected it to be. Enjoy the rest of your trip and stay safe!

Ronnie said...

I second what Dawnya said!

I still think it's super strange that they didn't include you with the helping for it this year, especially since your husband knows you enjoy it. GRR.

Regardless, must be great to see your little men having so much fun and being so helpful. :)

Laura Belle said...

Well hello there! Nice to see you back. What a great weekend you had!

I say it all the time, doctors are really really dumb. All suck. The end.

dede said...

Wow...i thought i had a busy schedule...THANKS for putting it into perspective for me!!! You are the bionic woman!! Sounds like the trip was awesome...and the upcoming events even more so!! Enjoy yourself and stay healthy!!

Beth Ann said...

I think you should bring your own long ones next time and just had it to her. :) Although that probably isn't sanitary. Ha!

Joey said...

Wow, I know so much about your cervix now! Will there be a quiz later?

Cat said...

Haha, Read, I just love how real you keep things. It seriously sucks though that the Dr didn't listen to you, and noticed it in the chart...and STILL didn't listen.

So glad your boys had a great time! I've never been to a comic con, but I have been to game cons in the past. :)

Jen said...

Haha your IUD story cracked me up! I've been thinking about the Mirena for a while now. The con sounds fun, glad your fellas enjoyed themselves!!

Becky said...

Isn't it cool to see your talented husband in action? I love hearing my husband talk about work, it's hot!

By the by, I really like my Merina IUD. Very few and light periods and no more babies!! Don't you wish health professionals would just listen to us?! For heaven's sake, why would we ask for an extra long speculum unless we needed one? Lol!