Monday, August 15, 2011

The start of accountability

Hey all!

I'm totally copying off of Tessie Rose (okay, well there are many of you who've absolutely stepped up your efforts of late, but the specific idea of serious accountability - that's from her).

I've been in this rut of my own making for entirely too long and I'm just done with it.  The easy go-to excuses that have been cropping up are all done with the bachelorette party having happened this weekend.  So today's the day that I'm going to just suck it up and do what I need to do.  I'm very loosely following a 30 day biggest loser book I have - but really only for the exercise portion.  In the past I have worked well when I was just told what to do vs having to think too hard about it - so the book's plan has me working out 6 days a week at increasing intensity and as I've absolutely done what they're asking me to do (and more) and been able to sustain it - it seems like a good place to start. 

As for the food part - I believe I'm going to go with following band rules stridently - as if this is my first 30 days after the band (well the first 30 days I could eat solid food) with weight watchers points as an outside limiting factor.  There are still some hurdles in my immediate future, but I'm determined to do okay with them as well.  The comic book convention is this weekend - and traditionally I've worked the entire show (for those who don't know I'm not a comic book person but my husband is and he is one of the organizers of the show).  And while there is a lot of added incidental exercise in that I'm on my feet running around all day every day until I drop at night - there is not any time for other exercise and I'm just going to be fine with that for the weekend. 

And we order in sandwiches every day (though I don't have anything to do with the orders specifically) for the staff - and they aren't horrible choices in general but it's not what I would have chosen - but.. I bought a bunch of Luna and Zone bars which are yummy and filling choices that I am planning on eating just before lunch arrives so I won't be tempted by the big yummy cookie that always comes with the lunches.  :)

I'm going to skip the awards dinner so that one won't be a problem which leaves only 1 meal that will test my resolve which is the end of the event decompression dinner that we always have.  It's always my favorite event as the staff gets together and has a nice meal somewhere and... well... decompresses.  I'll just plan on doing my best - it's the fact that I know I'll be exhausted and sort of in that "OMG, I'm just so glad it's over I don't care about anything else in the world" kind of mood.  But - I know I'll order fish as I always order fish when I'm out so that's a good start.

So.. I'll be reporting on my progress here to help keep me accountable.  I'll also be keeping a log to track what I'm doing both food and exercise wise. 

Oh and my plan is starting off with this 30 day plan which makes the 30th day 9/13.  My long term intention is that this structure (which I always do better with) gets me back in the right frame of mind where I'm making the right food and exercise choices for the long haul again.  And my intermediate intention is that well... 9/13 is just two short weeks before it's time to go to Chicago (YAY!!!) so I'll keep on the same uber structure until it's time to get on the plane.  But the intention I'm working with on a daily basis is - it's 30 days people, I can handle anything for 30 days.

So... I'm starting off this week with the 5 day pouch test which I've done several times before and for me the best part of it is that it reminds me that *I* am in control of food, not the other way around.  So today is liquids of the low carb variety (as is tomorrow) and I know I can do that!  So... there it is - my plan of action.  I'll keep you posted!



Jacquie said...

Go Read, Go REad! You can do it girl!

Just remember...protein is your friend and CARBS ARE EVIL!

Cat said...

I'm cheering you on Read! You can so do this!

Joey said...

Seems like so many of us feel this way. Lead us out of the funk!!

ZonePerfect said...

Read, we're happy to hear you're a ZonePerfect fan! Are you a member of our VIP Program ( Keep us posted on your progress! ~Brittany @ZonePerfect

Ronnie said...

You can do anything for 30 days! Good luck with the 5 day pouch test and the rest of it.

Keep up posted, ladybug. :)

Beth Ann said...

I'm all about routine and structure! One little change and BAM...I'm on a bender. :) 30 Days will get you kick-started and put you in control again. You got this!

Elizabeth said...

Good luck!!! New follower :)