Monday, November 8, 2010

What a day! But the upside was I got to meet Linda and Bonnie!!

So... it all started with an appointment with m PCP at 9:15am.  I got up and did 40 min on the treadmill, showered, talked to the contractor, packed my lunch and was pulling out of the driveway at 9:00am on the dot.  I was feeling all kinds of proud of myself - that was exactly when I wanted to leave as my doctor is less than five minutes from my house... perfect.  I'm heading down the main street of my neighborhood when a little notification pops up on my phone.  I look down and what does it say?  Dr. appt - 9:00am.  FUCK!  Okay, well, as I said I'm only 5 min to her door so I floor it, thinking I'll be a couple of minutes late and oh well...  I get to the end of the road, check for cars and accelerate out of the turn out of my neighborhood... except... oops... perhaps I was a little over excited as I hit the curb at about 20 MPH and climbing.  "That's gonna leave a mark."

I keep going, waiting for the tire to flatten which doesn't happen.  I get there only to realize it was my alarm reminding me 15 min early for my 9:freaking:15 appointment.  Ok - well I'm there in plenty of time...  I didn't even look to see what I'd done to my car.  Great appointment - she gives me a name of a different lap band doctor she's heard nothing but really good things about - so say goodbye to insane phentermine man - and off I go.

Get to work, get stuff done.  Oh wait - idiot boy in the office - the one who thinks he's all that - he sends and email to the President of my company about our AR person who reports to me.  Let me first say that this woman was born to collect money.  She is flat out brilliant at it.  The CEO is more than half in love with her (which is actually true and a whole different story) the President, the CFO, me, and the presidents of all our divisions all think she walks on water.  The CEO just came to me and insisted she get a raise (see comment above).  Anyway - idiot boy likes to puff out his chest whenever possible and in this case, instead of asking the AR person to also give her reports to him, he created this long story about this shit and that shit and sent it directly to not her, not her supervisor, not her boss's boss, but the President of our company, cc-ing the President of his division.  Jesus God I hate stupid people.  Like if you want to make someone look bad, perhaps you should pick someone the CEO isn't in love with and someone who isn't brilliant at her job by every measure that counts!  Of course the President just forwarded it to me, as he's usually a sane sort, and said please respond to idiot boy (Okay he didn't really say that, but I'm sure that's what he meant).  It ended up all fine of course, but jeez it took some stupid time out of my day which I didn't have to give.  Did I mention I seriously hate stupid people!

Okay - then I head out in the late afternoon to take the deposit to the bank and guess what??

My tire is flat.  Look, you can even see where my rim is messed up there near the bottom on the left.  Oops... did I tell you I had a history of incidents with curbs that jump out and get right in my way while driving.  No?  Well, good, never mind then.

Okay, forget about the bank, someone else can go.  Am I fully capable of changing my tire.  Yes, absolutely.  Am I remotely willing to do so if there is another option.  Not so much.  This is what I pay AAA for, right?  I give them a call, and out they send a very cute, tow truck guy who comes out and puts a little donut on the front of my car and all is well....

Until I get back into my office and my husband calls.

Brad: Teddy is okay

this is never ever a good way to start a conversation.

Me: okay (I can hear they're in a car and I'm thinking they're on the way to the hospital - thank God I have the donut!!)

B: And he wants you to know that it isn't Bandit's fault at all, it's 100% his fault.  He was very insistent that I tell you that.

M: OMG, what the hell happened?

B: Bandit bit him.  We're on the way back from the doctor and they decided not to give him stitches... yadda, yadda, yadda.

M: what happened.

B: Ted had Bandit in his lap and and was tapping a pencil on the table getting Bandit to pounce on it so they could play tug of war.  And eventually Bandit got more than the pencil.  There were several chewed up pencils on the table so this "game" had been going on a while.

M: so our brain trust of a son was holding a pencil while teaching the dog to bite said pencil?

B: that about covers it.

M: is it wrong to comment on his stupidity?

B: I hope not.

But then to the best part of the day!!!  I got to have dinner with Linda and Bonnie!!!  Woo Hoo!!

It was so fun and they are so wonderful.  Though I do have to comment that they met early and had at least one drink before I got there... hmph.   They more than made up for it, though, by having a drink for me already ordered before I walked in the door.  You know you're going to have some common ground when they don't blink an eye at ordering you a drink when you beg for one by text even though they've never met you before!  As many of you already know, it's so nice to be out with people you don't have to... hide this band thing from... and that's not exactly the right way to put it - but it's just one of many parts of who you are and what you do in your life and it's as likely to come up in conversation as your stupid children or your crazy pets.

So thanks so much for a lovely evening and I certainly hope I didn't scare them off and we can do it again one of these days!


Sarah G said...

What a day indeed!

Bonnie said...

Sorry we started without you. Next time we'll set up our meeting time for 5:00. Had a great time and thanks for picking up the bar tab. We forgot to make up a secret handshake for our club. We'll have to put that on the agenda for next time we get together. :)

Justawallflower said...

Just wanted to say, thanks for the laughs!

Carmen said...

wow what a day indeed!! but meeting lynda and bonnie is def the highlight!!

~Lisa~ (Mrs C) said...

Oh Mercy! What a day - that would have been a martini day in my world! I've had plenty of them, too... Crazy days AND martini's, that is!

I am happy that you had a wonderful ending to a crazy day!

Amanda said...

What a day!! But it looks like it ended well with the girls! So jealous! I can't wait to meet some of you guys!!

Silverhairedgoddess said...

Gosh - what an adventurous life you lead ! and those curbs.... how dare they attack you :)

How nice to meet two of the bandits - lucky you!

amandakiska said...

Sorry about the flat and the dog bite. At least you go to have drinks with some cool people!