Friday, November 12, 2010

Just some randomness...

So... (why do I start so many sentences with so or okay?) I got this email coupon a couple of weeks ago from for 50% off everything for one day plus free shpping.  First of all I now feel like a heel for not posting that information and promise I will next time I learn of something like that.  But anyway, Lee jeans and pants fit my curves particularly well.  I have an hourglass shape and their pants do a nice job of not gapping at the waist and they're flattering too.  Anyway... I thought it would be stupid not to take advantage of this deal as my size 18Ws are getting way too baggy even right out of the dryer.  So I spent just over $100 and got 5 pairs of pants in varying sizes.  I got 2 16Ws (one jean and one black pant I could wear on a casual day to work) thinking I could wear those right now, an 18 regular (a 2nd pair of jeans) thinking I could also probably wear those right now and 2 regular 16s (one jean and one pant I could wear to work) thinking I'd have some wardrobe basics available to me in (hopefully) the not too distant future.  Well... today I put on the 16W black pants thinking they'd probably still be a touch too tight and I'd still have to wait another week or two... but no.  They fit fine.  I happily got dressed and headed to work.  AND in just the couple of hours I've had them on, they've really stretched out (not in a bad way, just in the way pants do) and OMG, they're a tad baggy.  They're certainly fine to wear, but it's really not going to be for long.  I'm definitely going to have to go home and try on the regular 16s which I haven't done, I think if I'm too close to fitting into them, I may try to exchange them for 14s so I have a longer term goal to achieve.... hmmmm, but yay!

The 'crazy' legacy continues
I swear to God my younger son is me in cute little boy form.  Of course I'm my mom in chubby middle aged woman form so it shouldn't be that surprising.  But he is just the goofiest thing I've ever known.  He will randomly throw out totally nonsensical things for no particular reason.  Last night I was putting him to bed and he kept saying things like... "12 small cokes" or "hello gov'ner" (in a snappy little english accent).  Sometimes at bed time we'll just have these stupid conversations... him: small flies, me:orange mist, him: butterfly, me: cookies, him: target practice... we keep going until one of us has to pause and think about it before we answer.  We've never discussed the rules of this game - it just started one day and we both knew how to play, and when it's over we know who won and just move on.  Or he'll just walk up and randomly poke you while he says "poke" in a quiet flat voice (of course I do the same thing to my husband - it's his favorite, really it is).  Unfortuantely he's also the most stuborn human alive (though my husband swears on all that's Holy that he's only the second most stubborn human alive (can you all guess who he thinks is number 1?))  So sometimes he'll dig in his heels and keep doing what he shouldn't or refuse to do what he should for way, way longer than anyone else I know... poke poke poke poke poke.  Should I be proud or horrified that the crazy continues?

Teddy's thumb
It was his thumb that the dog bit the other day.  Bandit's top teeth were on his thumb nail and his bottom teeth were on the side of his thumb.  The side where the real cut is, is healing nicely, though he'll definitely have a scar.  He's on antibiotics and antibiotic cream since it's his right hand and it touches everything so he'll be fine.  BUT OMG his thumb nail has this crack right through it about a quarter of an inch from the bottom.  You know how if you have longish nails and you do something and your nail breaks really low and it's horrifying because it hurts and you just know if it comes off the rest of the way it's going to hurt WAY worse.  Well this isn't hurting him like that yet, but it hurts me to look at it.  The whole nail bed is slowly turning purple, I'm assuming on it's way to black, and I just don't want to even think about what could be coming for him.  He has no frame of reference for that pain so he's fine with it and I'm hoping that the body will create a protective undercoat before the nail falls off, but it's seriously hard for me to even look at it when I'm putting the cream on.


Bonnie said...

Awesome news about the NSV. I'm almost into 18s and very happy about that.

Your story about the game you and your youngest play reminds me of this time when my daughter was 4. We came out of her preschool and we both happened to look up in the sky. I noticed a particular bunch of clouds that kind of looked like a dragon and I swear to you no sooner than I thought it, but my little girl said "Those clouds look like a dragon" It was very cool.

It's hard for me to hear about Teddy's thumb, so I can only imagine what it is like for you. Will be keeping fingers crossed for a protective undercoat.

amandakiska said...

I just tell my kids not to show me their gross injuries and loose teeth and such. Your son sounds like a cutie. Enjoy him!

Sandy Lee said...

Yah!! for baggy pants. Great NSV. And kids say and do the funniest things. Glad you have fun with him since they grow up so fast.

Kiki said...

Ouch about that thumb! Last year I lost 2 fingernails on 2 different occasions... one I ripped off to below the cuticle by snagging my fingernail on my pillowcase of all things and the other came off shortly after I shut my finger in the car door. It's good if the nail stays on for a while (protection) Once it comes off though, it's not too long before the underlying tissue "toughens up" enough to not be sensitive.

Sarah G said...

Woo HOO for smalled pants!!!

Sorry about your son's nail! My son dropped a huge rock on his big toe a few years back it was quite nasty to look at after the nail fell off but you'd never know today that it was ever gone.