Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ode to the L-shaped box...

When I was young and feeling ignored I used to daydream of these L-shaped boxes I wished people came in.  We’d all be exactly the same on the outside – well you could always decorate your box in whatever way you wanted, but your hair color, or disabilities, or fat, or big feet, or whatever – all that stuff would be hidden.  We’d all be on the same level playing field and we’d be able to connect or not on an honest – person to person basis without all the other junk.  The box was L shaped so we could be comfortably sitting with our legs straight out in front of us (and yeah, to this old body, that’s so not comfortable anymore for long periods of time).

And now there’s the internet.  I like to take credit for it, move over Al Gore, it was clearly my idea.  Sure, we needed others to perfect it, but seriously – I’m thinking my L-shaped box was the true beginnings of what we now know and love.

Anywhoozle (just for you) I am having a love affair with the internet these days and it’s all about the L-shaped box theory – where we all show up on the same level playing field.  We’re all equal – or equal enough (I mean you might need Jenny to make you truly equal, but we’ll cut you some slack till you’ve contacted her).  Until then – we are here – in our little boxes saying and doing what we want.  Maybe some are more honest than others, but that comes through clearly enough.  And we all get to use this information – the honest people to people stuff – to see how we connect with others.  It’s only natural that we connect with some more than others – but we can get there, I think, from a whole different more honest place than sometimes happens in real life – as in face to face life.  And then, and here’s the extra really cool part – you can take what you’ve learned and go meet people face to face who you already know you connect with!!  How seriously cool is that?

Here are some reasons why I love my little L-shaped box the internet;  Camille – on paper, she and I couldn’t be more different – okay well we both have red hair and big boobs – but that’s where the similarities end.  We are different ages, religions (including how important our religion is to us), I work, she stays at home, I live in civilization, she lives in the middle of nowhere – I could go on and on.  But the point is – if we had met in person – even if we lived in the same town or neighborhood – I just don’t think we’d have ever given each other the time of day, beyond polite chit chat.  We wouldn’t have given each other a chance cuz the external differences are so huge.  But she’s my best friend.  We click on all the important levels.  She’s the one who knows where all the bodies are buried and which vibrators I like best (okay maybe not that – but… hmmm yeah, she probably does).  And I’ve never met her in person.  I talk to her every day and without the internet – we would never have met. 

Then there’s ‘the boss’ he’s not gay as he reminded me yesterday after reading my post on the subject – ‘you can’t pretend that with me!’  Yeah, but the same damn theory holds true for him.  He’s completely off limits to me for a whole different reason and because of that – He’s completely safe and I absolutely love playing with him.  I can ask him or talk to him about any number of things I wouldn’t dream of talking about with another man in just the same way.  We can flirt and banter.  And I’ve never met him.  One day I’m sure I will and that will be way fun, but in the mean time without the internet – there’d be no him – at least that I knew of and that would be a damn loss.

And then there are all these damn boobs!  Seriously could I be more lucky?  Last weekend I had so much fun with Tessie and John, then I got back and had dinner with Linda and Bonnie the very next night, then last night I had a lovely dinner with Lara from Band Babe – dude!!! none of that would be remotely possibly without my L-shaped box invention.

I had the most fun conversation with Gilly this morning when I was supposed to be working and she was supposed to be working out – it was so worth it!!  And without my invention it couldn’t have happened.  I swear I’m putting little hearts and flowers (and maybe some pockets for single use vibrators to pass out to those I love) on the outside of my box. 

I have friends I met through my kinky connections, through my lap band connections, through friends of friends on Facebook.  And it all started with a little L-shaped box.  I’m da bomb!  Hey!  Where are my royalties?

How will you decorate your box??


tagyourit said...

I love the L shaped box comparison. The internet is a great thing!

Lee Ann said...

Read, you are so funny. Love this post. Who is The Boss? I guess I need to follow him.

Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

Amen Sister!

Dawnya said...

This is so very true. Thanks for creating the box Read. You should really get paid for this.

Gilly said...

Yes yes YES!!!! You are so smart! I think you are the bees knees, and I'm glad that the interwebs threw you in my path! Oh...and THANK YOU. (doofus!)

Stephanie said...

I am beginning to realize that you and I are more alike than I first thought...I have so many friends i've met though the internet (other than my blog) and it has helped me in so many, many ways!! I can't wait to meet you in Chicago!

So, tell me about these kinky connections?

Sincerely Me said...

I'd have to say you made the boss smile today for sure. Great post and keep up the good work youngster.