Thursday, May 26, 2011

A few quick brain farts

  • Tom is due any minute now and I can not stop shoving things into my mouth.  Not big things, but just things.  So far I’m managing to not be too unhealthy – but omg – if he doesn’t show up soon, I may start eating the desk.

  • So, I walk into my room last night and Bandit the wonder dog’s head pops up and he has the most guilty, “Oh shit!!” look on his face as he lay there straddling Kenny the four foot kangaroo in a very, very intimate embrace.

  • My MIL is coming in a couple of weeks.  I have mixed emotions about this.  She will require extra work and cheerfulness on my part – I have to take her shopping and out to dinner a few times.  Maybe dinner and a movie.  Like I don’t have enough stuff going on in my life.  But the upside – there’s no doubt she’ll provide a few blog posts – so that’s fun!!

  • OH and speaking of Ricky… my SIL, Dawn, with whom Ricky lives put as her status on FB yesterday for an hour or so before she thought better of it the following….. picture this having dinner with a 68 year old woman who does nothing but complain about the dinner I just fixed her until finally she’s had enough and leaves the table in a cloud of her own gas leaving me to clean up her and everyone else’s mess.    Which led to the following discussion…
Brad: Clearly this trip down here is coming at the right time for Dawn, maybe a little late even.
Me: If she ever complained about food you or I made for her I’d bop her upside her head.
Brad: She’s afraid of you; she’d never say a thing.

What can I say… I prefer to think of it as I bring out the best in people.


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You are too funny

Ronnie said...

People are scared of me, too. I dunno why.

Hope Tom shows up soon, I hate when he's a fickle houseguest.