Sunday, March 4, 2012

Some Ricky-isms....

Ricky: Do you know where the egg thing is?
Me: I don’t know what the egg thing is.
Ricky: You know, the egg thing.
Me: I don’t know, I swear.
It turns out it was the spatula.  I suggested looking in the drawer where we keep the spatulas.  The same drawer where the spatulas have been kept for all 10 years we've lived here.  
(Note: she made herself eggs each morning this week while husband was away and I was at work - I wonder what she used to flip them?)
A minute or so later her eggs were making noise - she had it on high and the noise made her look.  She looked towards the stove where her eggs were sizzling on high - and also where I had some ravioli boiling on the back burner.

Ricky: your things are cooking
Me: that noise is your eggs.  Is that the temperature you want it on?
(so she went and looked closer and fiddled with the temp thing until she had it on ignite and then walked away with it clicking)
Me: Uh Ricky - that noise is your clue that it's igniting and you shouldn't leave it with that sound going.
Ricky: oh... hmmm... ok

(she said she used to have a stove like that and she had problems with it and it eventually stopped working)

This is a little conversation I just had with my friend Farrah
Me: Ricky just asked me if i remembered going to jcpenny's last year.  That was when she pooped.  In the fitting room.  So yes, yes I remember.
Farrah: no repeat performances today please
Me: she wanted to get another pair of the peddle pushers she got (I got her) there.  The ones she had to put on so I could throw away her clothes.  Yeah, I remember.  Apparently they don't fit her anymore.  Gee sorry.
(We found an almost identical pair while we were out shopping yesterday and we had no incidents whatsoever.)


Gilly said...

You know...I could have lived my whole life without being forced to remember the crapping-her-pants-at-jcpenny nightmare. *barf*

I'm so gonna be Ricky when I'm an old lady...

Tina said...

hahahaha-love them. I don't think I want to be Ricki when I get old. I much prefer the snappy smart-ass on top of my game kind of old-age as apposed to the crapping myself, leaving the gas run without igniting can't find the spatular or even remember what it is called kind.