Sunday, November 6, 2011

NaBloPoMo & a little NSV

So... I was totally struggling with coming up with a blog post today and then my friend Farrah helped me out as she so often does by linking to this site on her blog which lists a bunch of writing prompts broken out in 10 topics.  I haven't yet looked at them, but I've decided to do the first one of each topic - or as long as I feel like it...

What is something you dislike about yourself?  I dislike how I don't always understand how best to communicate what I'm saying or what I'm feeling.  I talk about how "I missed that day" when people learned the nuances of communication, the non-verbal stuff, the tone of voice stuff.  So, it ends up that many, many people in my life are afraid of me - which to me is both hilarious and very sad.  I am confident and I own that.  I also own that I have a big personality - but I swear I try harder than most people to be nice to everyone and still I end up being the one that is seen as the bitch.

What would happen if you could fly whenever you wanted? When would you use this ability?  Fly?? I'm going to assume we're talking about the actual physical ability to jump off the ground and fly... Well shit, I'd use the ability all the damn time.  Going to work, rescuing kitties stuck in a tree, visiting my friends wherever they might be - cuz since this is my ability I'm going to also assume this means that travel would be superfast.  I'm sure I'd have to find the appropriate clothing to wear as I already get cold all the damn time so I can only assume it would be way worse while flying around at superfast speeds all the damn time.

What do you think of 3D movies?  Well... I think they can be really cool but I think recently the use of them has gone way overboard.  Just because something is 3D doesn't mean it's going to be cool - but certainly some things can be cool by being 3D.  Though I really prefer things that are 4D.

What do you like most about yourself?  Seriously - I wasn't really into deep questions but I can't cheat and pick another questions since I said I was going to do the first one of each.  I am, however, totally going to cop out.  (insert smiley face here)  I love my curly red hair and my big green eyes.

How do you feel when it's your birthday? Why?  Uh... you mean when it's national celebrate me day???  Um, I like it, what's not to like?  I can make my children do anything I want (cuz it's my birthday) (and not that they don't do what I want the rest of the year too - but the little game we play is fun).  My husband usually does a whole birthday week thing with presents every day for a week.  That's a damn lovely thing - though I will say it makes me feel inadequate as I'm just not as good as the birthday week thing for him.

I wish I had a million... Then I would...  pay off all my debts, first and foremost my mortgage.  Well, I suppose I don't have much other debt than my mortgage, but I'd pay it off and any other that we have and and then deal with the whatever is left to do for college for the kids.  Anything beyond that would be put away.

When you are angry, how do you look?  Well... unless you know me exceptionally well and there are very, very few people who fall into this category... I look exactly the same as when I'm happy, or sad, or frustrated, or whatever.  It is something I am totally working on.  I want to more transparent, though I will say that it's a good skill to have.

Okay - I'm done with those.  I'll definitely come back to that site and do more - there are some interesting ones there.

The little NSV...  Earlier today I was eating a little bit of cheese and crackers.  And I got that feeling in the back of my throat... you know, the one I know means I've had enough... the one I usually completely ignore.  And I immediately packed up everything and put it away.  Now if I can just keep doing that!


Banded Cupcake said...

I'll be working on a 5000 word blog concerning "What does Canada mean to you?" ;)
I like that writing topic website!

JRD said...

That is an awesome NSV, Read. I am still working on paying attention to brain protests sometimes!!

Cece said...

Love the NSV ... I don't think I get that feeling but am now going to start *listening* for it. Thanks for sharing !

tagyourit said...

Your NSV is great. I still try to ignore my stop signs. It only ends in Horror!