Saturday, November 5, 2011

It's over... phew

So I completed the 5 day pouch test yesterday.  I cheated then too - so... if you're looking for a pouch test role model, I'm not your girl.  Yesterday I took my chicken breast to work and only had a chance to eat some once throughout the day so when I got home I was starved.  I took the rest of the chicken I'd brought to work and added some.... wait for it... Gorgonzola to it which I then warmed up so it got a bit melty and then I added a bit of low fat sour cream as well... It was very good.  The problem wasn't so much in what I ate as in how much I ate and how quickly.  Did I mention I was starved??

Well.. whatever, it's over now.  And frankly I feel great.  I really feel like my head is in a good place again and we'll move on from here.  And seriously if the way I cheated for any of the five frikkin days was by adding a bit of cheese or some low fat sour cream - yeah, well... so sue me.  I've got gobs and gobs of Halloween candy in my house and I've not had a single piece.  Well.. that's not totally true.  Before Halloween I had a few kit kat bars, but that was last Sunday.  And again... even that wasn't that bad.

Today we went had basically simultaneous games; soccer and flag football.  They were actually staggered by a half an hour so I was able to drop the 13 year old off in time for his game and then get the 10 year old to his game on time.  As soon as we were done with flag football we raced home, picked up the 13 year old who was complaining of having been "seriously injured" he said this while walking around the house snacking on anything he could find.  Whatever serious injury he incurred didn't seem to be affecting him all that greatly so off we went to watch our dear friend get honored at the half time game from her high school as she's being inducted into their hall of fame.  I know she absolutely LOVED me and the boys coming so I was so glad we were able to make it up there before half time.

Now we're back home and the boys have gone to a friend's house to play and I'm thinking of laying on the couch and reading a book or possibly falling asleep.. more likely both.

I hope everyone's having a fantastic weekend!!!


JRD said...

I am impressed! I am thinking about doing this, just to clear some stuff out, as I've started inching up with the portions again...I may do a blog about this! Congrats on getting through it - I agree that there are definite degrees of cheating...and you are NOT a cheater!!

vickyd said...

I'm right there with you...I cheated a bit too by adding some cheese here and there and adding some *gasp* sauteed mushrooms to my grilled chicken on day 5...In the end, I accomplished what I set out to accomplish and that's enough for me. Glad you did the same ;)

Beth Ann said...

I absotlutely can't think straight when I'm that hungry. The fact that you didn't completely chuck the chicken and have a burger? Amazing.

I absolutely have to plan to not get to that hunger point because I cannot make good choices. Kudos!