Tuesday, November 29, 2011

More amusement from my husband's classy family...

My husband's monther is a bit insane as you all well know.  She requires a lot of work and attention - I think of it as constant entertainment.  Though she can make a fair amount of decisions herself, if left to her own devices she would forget to take her medicine and try to do too much resulting in injury, or just get lost - of course all of these things happen anyway - but we all do what we can do.  My husband has two sisters and luckily for everyone one of them, D, who is a nurse has been willing to let Ricky live with her for a number of years; in a little MIL house thing on her property.  My husband and I couldn't be more thrilled by this because that leaves her up in NY most of the time, but to take the pressure off of D we bring her down here for roughly a month at a time every quarter-ish.  The other sister, B, is the baby of the family and is very typically the baby.  Actually she and Ricky are very much cut from the same cloth as the world revolves exclusively around each of them and only them.  Both totally harmless, but those traits are much more tolerable in a 68 year old woman than a 38 year old one.  So under duress B helps out too, but it's usually when she needs a babysitter (God help her children) or has received enough pressure to take Ricky to a doctor's appointment because D just can't fit this one in her schedule too.  And through it all she complains bitterly about how she is tired and has too much to do and whatever and my husband and D both roll their eyes at her - I suspect D gets into it with her from time to time, but my husband hasn't even once probably since he graduated from college.  He, however, doesn't take any of her drama, which I'm confident B doesn't like.  Anyway... this is the history of my husband's family and yesterday he got this email from B's husband.  It's just so classy I had to share!!!

Dear (Read's husband),
I emailed you because I don't know your phone number off hand and I don't want my wife to know that I'm doing it. 
Over the years, I have kept my mouth shut when you have had "discussions" with B.  It was not easy to do so.  She is your sister and I tried to mostly stay out of it.  However, I'm done with that now.  I have kept my mouth shut many times while you have belittled her, insulted her, patronized her, and talked to her in a generally nasty way.   I know she may be a pain sometimes, but I'm tired of her being upset by you and your sister D. 
I could give a shit if you don't like me or not or whether I get invited to you or D's little silly get-togethers but my wife is very sensitive about these things.   One of the reasons I never go is because of the way you and D treat her.  If you were anyone else, let me be clear about this, if you were anyone else and you talked to my wife the way that you do, I would have kicked your ass a long time ago.  I am so tired of the mounds of guilt that you and D throw B's way constantly about your mother.   I'm sorry that your Mom is not doing well.  Let me tell you something though, my mother is actually in much worse health and in much worse shape--but that's not B's responsibility nor her or my first responsibility.  Our first responsibility is to our children and our family. 
B goes out of her way to try and help and be with her mother because she loves her.  I am so tired of the awful things that you and D say to her about what she doesn't do.   Her mom lives an hour from us.  She gets up to see her on average of about once a week.  That's quite a bit.  That's also time that is taken away from our responsibilities right now--and let me tell you--we have plenty.   In addition, your mother calls my house on average, on average of six (6) times a day.  The phone calls have been going on for years--even before your mom's health got worse.   I tolerate it though.  What I will not tolerate anymore is you being disrespectful to my wife.   I don't care that she's your sister anymore.  If you can't talk to her with respect the way that you would want your wife to be treated, then keep your mouth shut and don't say anything.   Which brings me to your wife.  Now, as I've stated, I don't give a shit if you or D, or your wife like or talk to me or not--it doesn't make one iota of difference to me.  As I mentioned though, my wife is very sensitive to these things.  Now, for some reason or another, your wife isn't talking to my wife and de-friended her on facebook.  What kind of shit is that?   How petty and awful that is.  If you had any balls, you would tell her such and tell her to be respectful of your sister--who is nothing but sweet and kind to her.  
I've said my peace.  If you have anything to say, email me back or call me on my cell phone.  Don't talk to B about this.  It's bad enough I had to take time out of my day for this but I am tired of seeing my wife upset over petty family nonsense and a brother and sister who should be ashamed of themselves.   Pass this on to your sister D too.  
Don't you all wish you had family like this...


Dawnya said...

Okay...this is the type of stuff that makes me laught so hard I cry blood. Hilarious!!! You are so mean Read...why did you defriend her on FB? LOL

You are just horrible!!!!

FitBy40 said...

oh boy! Gotta' love some family drama. Good luck with that one.
I can't wait to hear if you respond to him!

Gilly said...

You did NOT unfriend her on FACEBOOK! No you DIDN'T!!! NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Omg I hate family. This letter made my blood boil and I don't even know any of these people!

Sandy Lee said...

OMG you unfriended her. OMG isn't that a sin or something? You are so going to hell. But you can join me there and have a great time.

Anyway, OMG what a crock. I think you should forward it on to B as an FYI and cc everyone. Maybe just create a new gmail account and send it from there. That way he won't know who it came from. Keep em guessing. OK, they say not to engage bad behaviour but you can really have great fun!

You are not the bad guy here. If you would like my sister, I'll send her your way. She acts the same way as B. Always the martyr.

But at least we get a good laugh out of all this. And I get to use OMG three times. It looks like it'll be a happy Christmas this year with your family. Buy lots of booze.

Bonnie said...

Family dynamics are so hard. Especially when you throw in a dependent parent. As you know, my dad hasn't been doing so great. He lives with my brother, who while I know has a great heart and would take care of my dad even if he was poor, does benefit financially from the arrangement. My other brother and I pitch in quite a lot but are made to feel like it's never quite enough. We have always been close, but dealing with my dad's illness has put a strain on our relationship. I hope everything works out with you and your sister-in-law.

Ronnie said...


I would have e-mailed him back something nasty.

"Silly little get-togethers," threatening your husband? What a tool.

Laura Belle said...


Just wow.

There are no words. Truly.

Beth Ann said...

OMG. Priceless!

Justawallflower said...

Wow, I am really interested in hearing how this turned out. I have absolutely no tolerance for people like this. And I would say that the sil is already very aware that he did this. He is just "protecting" her by saying otherwise. What a tool. You should invite him to the Christmas party!

Amanda G. Harp, M.A. said...

I hope you'll take a deep breath and let this roll off your back. Good luck over the impending, sure-to-be-stressful holidays!

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