Saturday, April 7, 2012

THREE things for a Saturday...

So... thing number ONE.

I went and picked up my 13 year old from two hours of soccer practice today.

T: will you put the top down? (he likes to have it down in front of his friends)
Me: No
T: Oh man, why not?
Me: It's 59 degrees (which is almost doable but damn cold if you have to be on a highway which we did).
T: whine, whine, whine
Me: Stop it now.
T: yes ma'am. (he's a very smart boy)

But then...  Oh. My. God.  That boy smelled AWFUL!  I mean, truly, truly awful.  It was stunning!  I couldn't take a full breath without wanting to die.

Me: Good God, you smell awful.
T: (with the sweetest, most proud smile he has) yeah, I know.
Very erratically I pulled the car to the side of the road and put the top down.

Never in my life, have I been so happy to own a convertible. 

Thing number TWO

Band the wonder dog strikes again.

The idiot dog is outside barking his head off which, as we all know is not an unusual thing, and he's totally ignoring my calls from the window (which works about half of the time).

I head downstairs to get him inside.  He ignores me when I call from the slider in the kitchen (that works 90% of the time).  Did I mention I hate my dog?  I go out to the railing of the deck to see what he's barking at and I'm treated to my mean little dog doing battle with a little garter snake.  He kept grabbing the poor snake and whipping it ferociously back and forth.  Unfortunately, by the time I'd gotten out there he'd totally beaten the thing into submission as there was blood and guts being whipped around as well.  It was really delightful.  I'm so happy to own this dog, have I mentioned that lately.  Every few seconds he'd pounce on the thing that was now just about in two pieces and start whipping it back and forth again before releasing it and jumping back out of the way.  Again and again he did this until there were seemingly two snakes.  ICK!!!

I will say this is only the second time I can remember that Band managed to do something disgusting while the husband was home - so I can thank him for that as I was able to get Dan to come down and get rid of the dead and bloody snake pieces while I took the idiot dog in for a bath so we could wash the snake blood and guts off of him.

So... how has your morning been?

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure...

The best picture we could get of the blood on the stupid dog's back

Thing number THREE

Husband is cleaning out his closet.  This is LONG overdue.  Last weekend he took out all non-clothes items.  It took hours.  He has a nice sized closet, but it's not all that huge.  He bagged up 12 pairs of tennis shoes to give away, kept two as back ups (not the normal ones he wears, just back ups) and threw two pairs away.  And that was just tennis shoes.  Also in there were dolls action figures, presents we hadn't given the boys, books, comic books, and just all manner of other things.  There ended up being three large trash bags full of give aways from the first weekend.

Today he's working on his shirts clothes.  He has filled four large trash bags full of shirts he no longer wears - let me repeat that.  FOUR LARGE BAGS of shirts to give away.  (I'm still shaking my head).  It's sort of watching one of those little cars where a million clowns all pile out.  Every time I think he has to be done he pulls out more - it's just crazy.

After he got rid of the four bags of shirts (that makes seven LARGE bags to be given away - seven!) there were still so many shirts left it was ridiculous.  I swear he has enough to not have to do laundry for at least three months.

Some more pictures... of the shirts he is keeping!  This does not include the ones he gave away.  My husband is a pack rat.


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FitBy40 said...

OK, I'm glad I hadn't had breakfast yet when I looked at that picture of the snake!
And, it's so cool that I finally got to hear your voice. I'm not sure why I thought it would sound different, but now I have a voice to attach to your posts.
Happy Easter!

Darlin1 said...

I agree Ewww on the snake!

Only other man I ever knew with that many clothes was my father......good luck with that!


Joey said...

Damn it Bandit!!!!!!!