Friday, September 24, 2010

Weigh in

Weigh in

I was 212.2 this morning which is down 1.6 for the week and 22.8 in total. And I hit my next small goal and this one was important to me.

Overall I feel really good about this though it took some effort this week to get there. Generally, I'm a once a week weigh in kind of person but as I mentioned earlier I'm still struggling with which day will be my "official" day - which of course is totally ridulous and I know it, but eh... it is what it is. Also, I have some friends who weigh in every day and they think it gives them a better sense of what's going on with their body. What kinds of things effect their weight; time of month, different foods, time of day, etc... They also feel it keeps them more accountable to see what's going on in real time. I'm not convinced this will be a good idea for me in the long haul, but I have been testing it out of late and weighing myself every day.

This has been both good and bad - though I think overall it's been good, but it took some mental effort on my part for that to be true.

I have done this before in my life - spent several weeks weighing myself every day so I wasn't surprised by some of it, but other parts have been annoying. There have been several weeks or even stretches of weeks where my weight just wouldn't move off of a single number; 221 for example - I spent 2 1/2 weeks between 221 and 221.8 - totally annoying.

This week it happened again. I started last Friday with 213.8. Great. But I had a goal that I really wanted to reach of getting below 213 so I was extremely diligent this week as I only had 1 lb to go. I counted calories and protein grams and water intake and was absolutely spot on with my intentions every single day this week; in addition to exercising in 3 times this week. My weight for the week was;
Sat 213.2 - ok good, down is good - almost there
Sun 213.8 - really? come on, I'm so close, let's not play this game again
Mon 213.4 - ok, down again - almost there
Tue 213.0 - ok, down again - it should be tomorrow - if it's not, I swear I'm going to go back on liquids for the rest of the week. No - don't do that - you know you're doing all the right things - this whole losing thing is just math - nothing more than that and you know you are taking in less than you are expending so at some point your body has to realize this is true. Keep eating like you have been. There was a LOT of self talk on Tuesday, but I convinced myself which was probably the real victory for the week.
Wed 212.4 - YAY! I made it, but as my body has really liked 213, I wonder if I'll go back there tomorrow?
Thu 212.4 - eh, whatever at least it didn't go up
Fri 212.2 - down again - good.

So while I am in fact thrilled to be below 213, I think I'm more pleased with myself for not freaking out and going to only liquids for a few days to get there. I ate healty every day. I got in enough protein every day. I took my vitamins every day. I ate somewhere around 1200 calories every day. I exercised three times (I did intend to do more, but I'll take three times). I listened to my body and was pleased to not be hungry between meals (I love my last fill.)

So on to the next week and my next goal of 25% of the way there is only 2.2 lbs away!

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Patrick said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog today. Seems you are doing quite well and coming up on a cool milestone. Keep listening toyour body and keep getting it done.