Tuesday, September 28, 2010

OMG!! You look just like......

Do any of you get this? I can’t begin to guess the number of times people have told me I looked just like their aunt Sue, or their high school math teacher, or their sister’s best friend. I could be their twin. Do you know people from Topeka, because you just have to be related to the clerk at the 7-11 on Elm Street.

Every time. And I do mean every single time, I want to say… uh, no, it’s just that we all look alike to you. I’m short and fat and have longish hair. That’s all the similarity there needs to be. But man, if Aunt Sue’s hair happens to be either curly or red (it’s not necessary that it be both) – we were, in fact, separated at birth.


Curvaceous Queen said...

Fat people, just like Asian people we all look alike *rolls eyes*

Something About Kellie said...

Come to think of it, you look just like ..... just kidding!! lol ;)

I have had that myself. Thats when I usually say "Oh yeah, were they totally awesome too?"


Shane G. said...

I have not had that happen but I do have a twin in Springdale, my home town. I saw him twice and freaked out. He was as fat as me and everything!!

Tina said...

were you adopted? :) Maybe they are all your long lost siblings or cousins? My best friend growing up found out that one our classmates (we didn't really like her) was her cousin. Apparently her aunt had 'gotten in the family way' and was shipped off to have the baby and then adopted out. The adoptive family moved into town and the two girls went to school from kindergarten through high school in the same grade. We didn't find out until we were out of high school and the girl found her birth parents. It was all hush hush in the family of course and my friend had no clue about the whole thing until her 'cousin' showed up to a family picnic.

Now if your not adopted--people are just stupid :)

I just found your blog and like it :) http://tinasweight-lossjourney.blogspot.com

Angela said...

Too funny...I always get told I look like Monica Lewinsky...if I were wearing a baret and a blue dress then maybe.

I just found you by the way! Looks like you are doing great!