Monday, September 7, 2009

Week 1 weigh in

So this could be considered week 2, because I am using my weight from two weeks ago (229.2) as the starting point, but that first week my only goal was to eat more human-like vs. starving ogre-like and I had plenty of food all in one week that are definitely not on my plan, most especially the first four weeks of it. Still I lost 1.8 lbs during that week of more human like eating to get me to 227.4 (which holy hell how did I let myself get back here - but that's a different topic) All that's to say that this weigh in is after one full week on my plan.

I am not a daily weigh-er, especially when I'm following a plan or just doing my best to eat and be healthy. For me weighing all the time can screw with me mentally, so I'm pretty good about not doing it - that said the first couple weeks of a program - well... I planned on weighing in every day the first week - it's fun to watch the numbers drop and I plan on weighing in 2 or 3 times during the 2nd week and possibly 2 times during the third, but that's it - then only once a week on Monday mornings. But this time - this first week - the scale didn't do what I expected at all. Follow along with my brain this first week, won't you...

Tues 224.4 - great - 3 lbs about what I expected, the water is leaving the body
Wed 221.8 - again great - love this first week
Thur 220.6 - still more than a lb in a day - great - I'm calm and just watching
Fri 220.4 - ok well the lb a day thing is over - it was fun while it lasted
Sat 220.6 - LOL I gained - kind of funny (not worried, I've not gone off plan and weight's vary)
Sun 219.8 - finally below 220; 3 days was getting old
Mon 220.8 - Really? Seriously? I gained a lb yesterday? Oh well.

I'm not really worried about this or freaking out at all but running around in my brain these last couple of days has been possible reasons. This first week I did not go off plan so the weight should have continued to fall off each day but it didn't why is that?

-Am I not getting enough cals? I mentioned before how I think I'm getting 80-100 less cals then the original plan with just the bars and whatnot, so maybe my body is going into that "I think I'm starving" state and is holding on to fat/weight at all costs - I guess that's possible but it seems unlikely to happen so quickly, and I've really been trying to add the calories each day and whether I didn't quite add them all or added too many - we're only talking maybe a 100 cal spread - like maybe 50 cal too few or too many. I've been extremely diligent and am not at all worried that I accidentally went way the heck over plan.

-Am I not getting enough water? I drink a lot of water, but I know a couple of days like yesterday I did not have enough liquid. And yesterday I probably did not have enough to eat either. I was prepping and painting a room yesterday - all day and while I ate every time my body reminded me I should, at the end of the day I was at least one "meal" short and I know I didn't get enough liquid yesterday. But generally I'm confident I've been getting enough throughout the week, just not necessarily all water.

-I guess it could be explained if I was about to get my period - I do retain a heck of a lot of water during that week leading up to it - but I'm about a week early for that and don't have the normal pms symptoms anyway.

-My body has just decided it likes being this weight and refuses to change. I've got a very powerful mind why shouldn't my body be just as stubborn?

Okay no idea why it's (as if my body is a separate entity from me) holding onto the weight - but hopefully it'll decide to let it go all at once one day and I'll be back in business.

Well it is what it is and I've decided that for this week, I'm going to write down everything I eat and just see if I'm missing something and actually eating way too much. I really know I'm not, but maybe I'm getting fewer calories than I should - regardless I'm going to write it all down and see what I see - maybe it will shed light on this 220 I am going to perpetually be.

The upside - serious upside - is that I'm fine with it. I know that this too shall pass. I'm not thinking okay it's not working so I should give up. This is the life long change - this is the time and it'll take however long it takes. Really I still have in my mind I started this more than three years ago; at the beginning of 2006 when I first started on this plan. I've just had a whopper of a setback, but even though I've gained a lot of what I lost back, I've still not really ever lost the long view - the confidence in where I'm going. If anything I've gained confidence; actually revising my weight loss goals downward. Oh and I've decided to do progress pictures. So today after I've colored my hair (which desperately needs it) I'm going to get my husband to take a picture of me and I'm going to update it at various milestones.

Okay .... I just went to the bathroom and guess what? I got my period. Hmmm. I'm not sure why it's early but hopefully that's the reason for the stop in weight loss after three days - we'll just have to see. (I just logged into my work computer to see when I got my period last month and guess what again - I'm only a day early so clearly my brain is just off altogether and now I'm thinking this has to be the reason - duh - sometimes I'm such a dork)

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