Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Deep thoughts....

So, I'm texting with a friend of mine who has had this lovely and adventurous life... she was in the peace corps, she's a teacher who has just earned her doctorate.  She's traveled all over the world... she's talking about possibly going to Africa over the summer to help set up a school... All stuff I'm in awe of.  But anyway - I'm texting with her and she writes 

"foreign grass roots travel... I feel like it gives my soul definition..."

And I was like... whoa (which took me three times to even spell correctly - LOL)

Then she went on to talk about other deep thoughts she's been having...  
What is meaningful?  
What will define my life?
Is potential limitless? 
How will I know if potential has been realized?

I came back with how I think about and am working towards being the best most authentic me - but that's all I've got... I'm not sure I am all that interested in making sure I meet my full potential - I'm interested in being true to who I am at my core.  To not hiding anymore.  To being the me I was born to be - not in actions per se, but in just 'being'.  Maybe it's the same thing - just looked at from a slightly different angle - it's something to which I'm definitely going to give some thought.

Anyway - we were also talking about how not everyone out there in the world with whom we interact has these deep thoughts or at least spend any time working them out... What about you guys?  Anyone have any answers to the questions she posed?  Do you leave your deep thinking to wild drug induced hazes?  Or is it a normal occurrence for you?

I definitely think it's important to understand what gives your soul definition and man, I am really stumped on that one at the moment.  I think I need to spend some serious time on that one and see if I can't figure something out.

As for the other questions....

What is meaningful?... uh.  I guess lots of things?  sunrises and sunsets.  big amazing storms.  a child's laughter.  the warmth of an old friend.  the delight of a new one.  learning things.  being challenged.  moving forward.  pushing beyond your comfort zone.  a warm embrace.  love.  peace.  health.  joy.  the ocean.  warmth.  safety.

What will define my life?
I expect not to know the answer to this one.  I think this is for the, hopefully, generous people I will leave behind when I go.  I hope it includes laughter and loyalty and love (I'm into L's tonight).
Is potential limitless? 
Yes.  My answer is a definite yes to this one.  I think with determination and intensity and an open heart and mind anything can be accomplished.

How will I know if potential has been realized?
You won't.  I think only the universe or God or Buddha or who or whatever it is you believe in can truly know the answer to that.

Okay - those are my deep thoughts for the day - you can now return to your regularly scheduled normal thoughts - though I'd love to know your deep thoughts!!


FitBy40 said...

Sigh. I've been reading a blog about a family decided to sell everything and now travel the world with their 4 kids. They are teaching those kids so many valuable life lessons from so many perspectives. I'm envious and often question if I should be doing more of those sort of things for my kids. That's usually my deep thought!

Camille said...

Someone told me once, "you don't have a soul, you are a soul. You have a body.". Just another deep thought for ya!

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

I think deep thoughts like this WAY too much - so much that I forget the moment I'm in and what I've done so far. So much so that they consume me - and I feel never enough. Ugh.

Beth Ann said...

I think that all these questions are answered so differently by each person. I'm so amazed by the Nerd Fitness guy, but living my life like his wouldn't have the same meaning. Everyone has to forge their own path!

Laura Belle said...

Ya know, I've never really thought about it. I mean I think random deep things sometimes, but I guess I don't realize it at the time, or remember it afterwards. Oh wait, that only happens after a 12 pack. Just kidding.

I think those are great questions and I'm going to have to ponder those. But really, as far as deep thoughts go and what motivates your soul and so on, I just base it on the way you live. Are happy, sad, funny, good, mean, trustworthy, etc. Basically boils down to good vs. evil, and I think, well, I have no idea what I think because now I've lost my train of thought. damn.

Ok, i'm leaving it as I like this post and am glad you are challenging yourself to think deeper!

Ronnie said...

I'm trying to discover what gives my soul definition this year, too... we can do it together! :)

Jamie Watson said...

I agree that we are spirit and travel with a physical body. Our souls have travelled many lifetimes and have had many experiences with joy being the goal, always. Success to me is the amount of joy you feel each moment each day. It's not about things. So if I feel crappy I reach for any better feeling thought. I commit to the discipline of making my cork float, nothing is more important than you feeling good. It works! Relief is available.

Soul definition? Agree with To thine own self be true. This is your spin in this life. Live your truth. Thanks Read for the meaningful exercise:). Gotta hop on a plane. Bye for now.