Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ten Things Thursday

1) My baby boy had 5 – count them, 5 – teeth pulled yesterday.  It was supposed to be 6, but last week he fell and landed face first on the edge of the couch and one fell out – so yay for that.  They were all baby teeth and at 12 ½ they still just didn’t want to come out.  Most of them weren’t even remotely loose and they were threatening to make his otherwise straight adult teeth start to wig out and think about staying where they were or coming out in all kinds of crazy angles.  He did great – probably better than his mom.

2) A little conversation with 14 year old Tommy

                Tom: Mom, I need some new clothes hooks.

                Me: ok, I just found a couple the other day, they are hanging over my door. (pointing to bedroom door right in front of me.)

                Tom: (walks over and stares, confused, at the over the door hooks)… (looked a little more)… (went to a different door to look at other hooks)… (looked a little more)… (then, I swear to God, you could see the little light bulb go off over his head.)  Oh!  I don’t mean those kind of hooks, I need the other kind.

                Me: ok.  What other kind?

                Tom: (acting this out with his hands) You know.  The kind that is a triangle with a hook on the top.

                Me: (doing my best to not fall out of the chair laughing) Uh… you mean hangers?

                Tom: yeah, that.


3) I don’t know that “Good enough” is really good enough – so why is it called that?  My marriage didn’t suck.  We didn’t fight.  We like each other, hell, we love each other.  I had it better than lots and lots and lots of people.  We connected in lots of friend kind of ways.  We just weren’t connected at all in a love and marriage kind of way.  We lived next to each other.  We were friends with benefits.  It wasn’t good enough for me and he wasn’t willing or able to try to fix that.  And that's sad.

4) I just put money on my electronic S!arb4ck’s card and used it for the first time ever this morning.  OMG – I love it!!!!  I love technology.  How cool is it to flash my phone at someone and have them hand you a chai latte.  (I am also very thankful that S!arb4ck’s is not remotely convenient to my normal routine and is only possible occasionally)  

5) I think therapy should be mandatory for all humans.  (I’m ignoring all manner of far more important social issues here – like food and education and safe housing and I’m well aware of that).  Sometimes it’s helpful to get through a particular situation and that’s fantastic – but really – I just think it’s so important for all of us to truly know and understand ourselves.  I so believe you can’t truly be there for anyone else unless and until you can own your own faults and fears and walls and understand how they can affect others.  And I say this just as no where near being able to truly look at them all for me as everyone else – but I am totally aware I still hide things even from me.  
6) I am glad I’m blogging again – I do so enjoy it.

7) Tommy and I are doing Ji!!ian Mich@e!’s online exercise program together this summer.  It’s going to kick my ass – but I’m so grateful to the powers of the universe for putting his desire in my face.  Sometimes we all need a kick in the ass – and when it comes in the form of your 20year-old-looking-14-year-old – how can you say no?

8) Tom just got his hair cut – and Jesus-God – he looks entirely too old (if a little stoned).  I’m a little distressed. 

9) Jase also got a hair cut – which – thank the heavenly Lord above.  He loves his hair long, but it’s so straight it’s just always in his face but it isn’t a fight I have the slightest interest in fighting.  If at 12 he wants long hair – go for it (within reason).  But… he got his hair cut short – like really short, which shocked the shit out of me.  Thankfully he still looks like a little boy – unlike my mean old older son who has the nerve to look so damn old.

10) I’m thinking I need a new job.  I’m not 100% sure I want to continue doing what I’m doing now – so I’m planning on taking the next year ish – to gear myself up for doing something different – or maybe the same thing, but for a different company… we’ll see.


Beth Ann said...

I guffawed at the hanger conversation. A-may-zing. :-)

FitBy40 said...

I'm confused about if you're back together or not?! I thought you left and then came it sounds like you're not back?
Maybe I need to read this again.
CUTE, nearly grown men.
I'm glad you're blogging again too!

Jamie Watson said...

I love love love your writing! So talented.
I love love love those boys!

Our first and last love is self love. So very true.

I love your heart.
I love you.