Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday's Letters Link Up

Let me first just say - that I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!  Genius!

Dear Chic-Fil-A oreo shake – Just because it was 103 degrees as I sat and watched my kids at rugby practice, just because rivers of sweat were streaming down my body, just because I was starving is no reason at all to be beckoning me like a siren beckons a sailor who’s been at sea too long.

Dear back – I am truly tired of you causing me problems. I appreciate stress and extra weight are both contributing factors and I have some control over both of them, but seriously – do you really think you are helping me reduce my stress level by causing me to not be able to bend or twist or lift a damn thing and do you think you are helping me lose weight by not allowing me to even walk on a treadmill? If we could just work together I think everything would be a hell of a lot smoother.

Dear zit on the tip of my nose – Seriously!?! I’ve got a nearly 14 year old just down the hall, please go visit him. That is all.

Dear closet – if you could just magically clean and organize yourself, I would really appreciate it. I would even be willing to add pretty decorations to you if you’d like.

Dear nearly 14 year old – if you could be so kind as to check your teenage attitude at the door from time to time, it would be really helpful. Especially to your father who seems to forget what a good kid you are sometimes. I remain very blessed by who you are as a person and thrilled that you are bigger and stronger than I am as you never cease to grow tired of reminding me. It just means that I never have to lift another remotely heavy thing as long as you are within earshot for the rest of my life. So, really, I’m good with that.

Dear 11 ½ year old – While I am thrilled to pieces by the strides you continue to make in getting more comfortable being out of your parent’s presence, it would make me even happier if you’d get even more comfortable there. I’d really like it if the transition to middle school wasn’t going to be the tear filled nightmare I’m envisioning it to be. That said – I am also thrilled with the person you are turning out to be. And the fact that you want to keep up with your brother and carry heavy things for me too – also totally works for me.

How about a little picture of the children from last week on vacation - aren't they cute!!!


Lucy said...

Your boys look like a boatload of fun! I'm sure there's never a dull moment :)

Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

Love it, and your boys are adorable indeed!

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

Don't you love Friday's Letters?

Gilly said...

Your boys are delicious! And I miss you!!! So much that I'm pricing flights to Baltimore for a weekend!

Banded Mommy (Angie) said...

Love the pic!! I have to agree with the 14 year old attitude issues. Our 15 1/2 year old needs to do the same on a daily basis now. Seriously want to punch him in the face when it comes to this attitude thing!
Oreo shake.... Ditto!