Friday, June 28, 2013

Ten Things Thursday.... (yes, I know it's Friday. So sue me.)

1) A conversation with Jason;
Jase: Mom (said with utter derision), my friend said he didn’t know what Snakes on a Plane was about.
Me and Jason: laughed out loud
Jase: So I told him it was about horses.
Me: laughed some more
Jase: on a boat.
He is so my kid!

2) I just learned my kids' laptops do not have netnanny on them.  It was an absolute requirement for their computers.  It did not occur to me that I had to make sure Dan also added it to their laptops - that they can TAKE INTO THEIR ROOMS AND CLOSE THE DOOR.  The day I learned of this Dan tells me that Tom had slept until 1:30 and I said - that's because he was up till 3 watching porn.  Dan, being uncharacteristically not smart, said - yeah, probably.

3) I can not get used to having to take Jason to camp in the morning, or to picking him up in the evening.  It more than doubles my commute time to and from work.  I’ve been late to work each day I’ve had to do it.  And I’ve made plans after work on two different nights that I can’t possibly make it to in time.  I have gotten up twice and gotten on the treadmill… but still.

4) Every day this week we’ve had tornado watches and warnings and severe thunderstorm warnings.  Some days there has even been a little rain.

5) That reminds me of a couple of weeks ago.  There were terrible storms here in MD and tornado watches and warnings all over the damn place.  I think three small ones ended up touching down.  I'm sure some of you live where tornadoes are a little more common - but here in MD it's a pretty rare thing.  We live in hurricane country, not tornado country.  But... the problem with this particular day was that my sister and I had gone down to Annapolis to go to our dad's retirement party and her husband was locked away in a meeting and Dan was away on a business trip.  My kids were at our home and her kids were in a big warehouse of a building at gymnastics practice.  My house has a basement that's half underground and we'd talked about what to do before, but first Jason calls me crying because they've just announced on TV that there's a warning in our town and he needs to seek shelter now and he's more than a little wigged out.   Luckily he misheard - the imminent warning was for a different place outside of DC.  But my sister is madly driving home while I'm scanning the skies for tornadoes we would want to avoid while reading the alerts on my phone and looking at the radar - and calling my older son and telling him where he needs to be in the house and that he needs to keep Jason with him.  (not a conversation I enjoyed having with him).  Before we got to her girls the fear had subsided as all the storms were well to our south - but that was not my favorite trip from Annapolis to home.

6) Tommy is going to camp for two weeks on Sunday and I've been encouraging him to pack.  He's got a list.  This is the 6th year in a row he's gone to this same camp.  He's nearly 15 freaking years old - He's plenty old enough to make this happen on his own.  Finally on Thursday I come home and he's all proud of himself for having gotten all packed.  I just want to review it with you, he says and then I'm good to go!  Great, eventually I head upstairs to change my clothes and he calls to me on my way up.... uh, sorry about your bed.  Yeah.... every inch of my bed was covered in piles.  There were more piles of more things all over my floor.  Everywhere.  Stuff.... just everywhere.  I did not handle it well at all.  I slammed a few doors and hid in the bathroom until I managed to collect myself.  Let's focus more on how proud I am that he got it all pulled together and less on where he chose to do it.  I only ended up about 45 minutes later to bed than I intended.  There were no piles on my bed.  There were, however, four thousand piles on the floor.  Finally tonight we got everything loaded into duffel bags and he wanted to make sure he could carry it all on his person.
He could.

7) Jason, with his newly short hair, forgot to put sunscreen on the tops of his ears and they got seriously burnt.  As in blisters.  That he popped.  Ouch!!!  Poor baby!!! 

8) Someday I think I will have a clean room - but I'm not sure when.

9) The other day on the way home a car pulled right into my lane hitting the side of my car.  Shit!  I got out expecting to see all manner of damage to the drivers side of my car and instead finally figured out that we'd managed to just hit mirror to mirror.  It pulled both of our mirrors away slightly from the body.  I decided to just drive away and feel lucky.

10)  ok - only 9 this time.


Anonymous said...

I'm moving to Germantown, MD next month from Woodbridge, VA (because I work in Rockville and I'm sick of driving) - these severe weather warnings have been insane! I want to tell the weather to either have at it or go away!

FitBy40 said...

Your kid cracks me up!
We've been having thunder storms here in WI. almost every evening, but I don't mind because that means I haven't had to water the tomatoes!